Barware & Party Gifts

Hotel Astor "Men's Bar" Crystal Whiskey Glass (Set of 2)


At the Old Waldorf Men-Only Bar, drinks were served in whiskey glasses that conveyed an expression of conviviality, and the entire experience revolved around how you hold one in your hand. Offered is a Gift Box Set of Crystal Whiskey Glasses inspired by the legendary Bar. CLICK HERE for more information

Hurricane "Tropical Storm" Cocktail Glass (Party Set of 6)


This smaller version of the classic New Orleans Hurricane goblet is more "Tropical Storm" size, its smaller volume allowing the bartender flexibility in determining the portion offered and/or the amount of alcohol in the glass. CLICK HERE for more information

Italian "Bàcaro" Stemless Wine Glasses (Gift Box Set of 6)


Functional, informal, stemless wine glasses, inspired by the informal Italian "bŕcaro." These glasses reflect something of European simplicity and down-to-earth authenticity -- function over form -- without pretentious flourishes. CLICK HERE for more information

Japanese "Ginza Bar" Whiskey Glass (Set of 4)


The Japanese Whiskey Glass was created from a collaboration between Japanese artisans and professional Japanese barmen, a sophisticated, minimalist glass, an interplay of function and design. CLICK HERE for more information

Japanese Bar "Mizuwari" Highball Glass (Set of 4)


A striking addition to the home or professional bar, the sophisticated, minimalist Japanese "Mizuwari" Highball Glass, an interplay of function and design, has an uncomplicated look that adds an air of ceremony to any occasion. CLICK HERE for more information

Manhattan "Skyscraper" Cocktail Glass (Set of 2)


The Manhattan Cocktail inspired its own glassware in 1938. This Art Deco Manhattan glassware uses concentric ribs to mimic the signature skyscrapers of New York. CLICK HERE for more information

Mark Twain "Social Club" Bourbon Whiskey Glass (Gift Box Set of 2)


The proper glass plays an important part of the Bourbon drinking experience, revealing the depth and nuance of the distiller's art. Offered is a Set of 2 Bourbon Whiskey Glasses, inspired by Mark Twain's Old Crow tumbler. CLICK HERE for more information

New York's Most Exquisite Cocktail Glass (Set of 4)

Now $36.00

Offered are "the most exquisite" cocktail glasses, exclusively crafted for the lounge at the New York Palace, providing a stunning visual presentation for the most extravagant drinks in the city. CLICK HERE for more information

Nick & Nora Martini Glasses ("Thin Man" Collection)


In "The Thin Man" series of classic films, Nick and Nora Charles dabble in mysteries, martinis, and romance. The authentic Nick and Nora Martini Glass has been re-issued in heat-tempered crystal, using the original glass molds of glasses manufactured in the 1930s. CLICK HERE for more information

Official Red Meat Club "Steak Knife" Necktie


What the "Red Meat Club" Necktie says about its wearer: confident, powerful and commands attention. There's no better way to "dress sharp" than with the crossed steak knives, both at work and on the town. CLICK HERE for more information

Old Knickerbocker Bar "Top Hat" Cocktail Glass


Offering the Old Knickerbocker Bar Cocktail Glass, faithfully reproduced from the original Morgantown Glass Works pattern. Each glass is crafted with an iconic stem in the shape of a dapper gentleman with a top hat, an homage to John Jacob Astor’s New York and a symbol of American capitalism. CLICK HERE for more information

Original Irish Coffee Glass (Set of 4)


Irish Coffee is synonymous with a visit to the Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco, and now a set of the elegant, uniquely heat-retaining glasses makes it possible to serve authentic Irish Coffee at home. CLICK HERE for more information

Orson Welles "Centennial Edition" Negroni Glass (Gift Box Set of 2)


To honor the Centennial of the birth of Orson Welles, these indulgent pieces have been crafted in nearly one pound of handsomely-designed glass, in appreciation of both the man and the drink the drink he loved. Offered in a Gift Box of 2, for keeping or giving. CLICK HERE for more information

Paris Wine Bar Champagne Flutes (Gift Box Set of 4)


An uipdated version of the classic French flute, emphasizing the contrast between its sleek, subtly-tapered silhouette and a sturdy, perfectly weighted base. A marvel of simplicity and engineering, its slender and elegant design maximizes the formation of bubbles in Champagne and sparkling wines. CLICK HERE for more information

Prosecco Italiana Sparkling Wine Glass (Gift Box Set of 4)


When locals determined that Prosecco required its own glass, Venetian master craftsmen were called upon to create the best tool to enhance the Italy’s most beloved and best-selling sparkling wine. Offered is the signature glass for Prosecco-lovers everywhere. CLICK HERE for more information

Rastal TeKu "World's Best Beer Glass" (Gift Box Set of 2)


Elegant, functional beer glass, designed by Italian beer experts and engineered by legendary German glassmakers, the TeKu is the first universal beer glass that allows every type of beer to be tasted to perfection. Offered in a Gift Box Set of 2. CLICK HERE for more information

Serendipity "Frozen Hot Chocolate" Party Box


Each Serendipity Party Box includes the glamorous, fishbowl-shaped Serendipity goblet served at the original Serendipity 3, a giant 18-ounce re-sealable cannister of the secret-recipe blend of 14 kinds of chocolate and exotic cocoas. CLICK HERE for more information

Sloppy Joe's Bar of Havana Beer Glass (Gift Box Set of 2)


Although Sloppy Joe's in Havana closed soon after the Cuban Revolution, it was restored and re-opened in 2013. Sip your beer with the drunken ghost of Ernest Hemingway from a great glass for nearly any beer style. CLICK HERE for more information

Stork Club Champagne Coupe(Swanky Set of 2)


Offered are the genuine, original Champagne Coupes as popularized at New York’s legendary Stork Club. Each swellegant glass stands 4 ˝-inches tall and holds 5 ˝-ounces of bubbly, its bowl-shape allowing for a greater appreciation of the bouquet of the drink. CLICK HERE for more information

Teddy Roosevelt "1904" Mint Julep Cups (Gift Box Set of 4)


President Teddy Roosevelt was fond of Mint Juleps served in distinctive glass cups that resembled the pewter mugs of Churchill Downs tradition. Offered are these very same glasses, crafted in durable, high-quality tempered glass. CLICK HERE for more information