Barware & Party Gifts

The Harry Truman "Kentucky Bourbon" Whiskey Glass (Set of 4)


Inspired by Harry Truman's own drinking glasses and designed to enhance flavor profiles and sipping experience. Gift Box Set of 4 includes "The Gentleman's Guide to Bourbon." Gift Box Set of 4 Bourbon Whiskey Glasses, inspired by Harry Truman CLICK HERE for more information

The Hitchcock "Tippi" Martini Glass (Gift Box Set of 4)


For Tippi Hedren, his icy blonde star in THE BIRDS, Alfred Hitchcock selected a prop from the Ritz in London, a Finnish neo-modernist Martini glass that would look right in her hand. The stylish Hitchcock "Tippi" Martini Glass is offered in a Gift Box Set of 4. CLICK HERE for more information

The Ritz Paris Cocktail Coupe (Gift Box Set of 2)


Inspired by the legendary Bar Hemingway, the 6-inch-tall stature and sleek design of the Ritz Paris Cocktail Coupe offers a stunning visual presentation for the home dinner or cocktail party. CLICK HERE for more information

The Savoy "American Bar" Essential Whiskey Glass, Circa 1930 (Gift Box Set of 4)


Harry Craddock's Essential Whiskey Glass captures the spirit of the 1930s with faceted lines to show off the color of the whiskeys, neat or on-the-rocks. A gentleman's reward, for keeping or giving. CLICK HERE for more information

Victorian-Era Apothecary Bitters Bottle for Cocktails (with Dasher Top)


Offered is an exquisite reproduction of a Victorian-era glass bottle for apothecary bitters and tinctures, perfect for adding essential flavor components to classic and contemporary cocktails. CLICK HERE for more information