Anchor-Hocking Soda Fountain Glass (Gift Box Set of 2)


Recreate classic diner desserts at home with these vintage-style Anchor Hocking glasses. While many things have changed over the years, the original Anchor-Hocking Soda Fountain Glass remains a timeless classic. CLICK HERE for more information

Genuine Brooklyn "Egg Cream" Kit


The one and only, genuine, original Brooklyn Egg Cream Kit includes: 2 dispensers of Fox's U-Bet Fountain Syrup, 2 Junior's Egg Cream Recipe Glasses, 2 Stainless-Steel Mixing Spoons, and "Owner's Manual." CLICK HERE for more information

Serendipity "Frozen Hot Chocolate" Party Box


Each Serendipity Party Box includes the glamorous, fishbowl-shaped Serendipity goblet served at the original Serendipity 3, a giant 18-ounce re-sealable cannister of the secret-recipe blend of 14 kinds of chocolate and exotic cocoas. CLICK HERE for more information

Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate Goblet (Set of 2)


Throwing a party? We’ll supply more of Serendipity's enormous fishbowl-shaped goblets, perfect for Frozen Hot Chocolate or Ice Cream Sundaes, or, or, or. CLICK HERE for more information

The "Sweet Serendipity" Giant Sundae Magnum


Serendipity's Sundae Magnum provides shape, style, and personality for creating your own versions of its world-famous, old-fashioned "Drug Store Sundaes" at home. CLICK HERE for more information

The Banana Split Book


The Banana Split stands unchallenged as America's greatest dessert. Author Michael Turback trains a microscopic eye on the origins of the iconic dessert and its status in the social chronicle of an entire century. CLICK HERE for more information