Become a Restaurant Chef for a Night


Apprentice for a night at the side of Chef Abigail Hitchcock in the kitchen of Camaje, her celebrated Greenwich Village bistro, as she generously shares the tricks, techniques, and wisdom she's learned through years of experience. CLICK HERE for more information

Become a Winemaker in Long Island Wine Country


Adopt a barrel of wine after participating in the transformation of personally-picked grapes into a custom-made, privately-labeled wine, and take home 275 bottles to share with family and serve to friends. CLICK HERE for more information

Start a Private Wine Collection


An award-winning Master Sommelier and mixologist, Fred Dexheimer will meet with you in the privacy of your New York home or apartment to assist in starting a private wine collection that reflects your personal taste. CLICK HERE for more information

Swirl, Sniff, and Sip the World's Best Wines with a Wine Expert


Offered is a private wine tasting experience, the opportunity to taste a selection of rare and prestigious wines from the vineyards of Burgundy and the chateaus of Bordeaux, currently available on the market. CLICK HERE for more information