Become an Independent Filmmaker


Award-winning filmmakers Jacqueline and Kerry Donelli guide you through everything from idea conceptualization and screenwriting to how to direct, edit and market your film. CLICK HERE for more information

Become the Subject of a Personal Documentary


With in-depth interviews and archival footage, writer/director Jurgen Kalwa captures his subject in a biographical documentary film, cut to create an inspiring tribute. CLICK HERE for more information

Boudoir Photography Private Shoot


Laura Little, one of New York's most sought-after professional photographers, will capture a moment in time and create a lasting memory in a private "Boudoir" photo session. The idea is to show a sexy or sensual side of you, images that reflect your personality. CLICK HERE for more information

Defy Gravity with a Professional Aerialist


Fly through the air with the greatest of ease in a private, individual lesson in the aerial disciplines from trapeze, hoops, and silks with the remarkable Anya Sapozhnikova of the Lady Circus troupe. CLICK HERE for more information

Get in Touch with Your Inner Burlesque Queen


Burlesque Queen Jo Weldon will provide the titillating tutoring you need to release your "inner burlesque queen," including step-by-step instruction on basic moves and attitudes of burlesque. CLICK HERE for more information

Get the Star Treatment at Serendipity 3


A VIP reservation will be made for you at Serendipity 3, the luxury ice cream parlor where waiters will create the "World's Most Expensive Dessert," Serendipity's incredible Golden Opulence Sundae. CLICK HERE for more information

Learn How to Play the Drums


Whether you are new to the world of percussion or a player looking for new ideas, Mark Feldman explores the art of playing the drums in a range including Latin, Brazilian, fusion, funk, jazz, or rock. CLICK HERE for more information

Learn to Cross-Dress with Success


Under the direction of Miss Vera's Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls, the neophyte crossdresser will explore the arts of dressing up, making up, going out, and focusing on his femme-self. CLICK HERE for more information

Perform Stand-Up Comedy on Broadway


Comedian Aaron Haber coaches you through a full-day workshop that culminates in an on-stage appearance at the Broadway Comedy Club, where you will showcase your comedy talent in a 5-minute performance. CLICK HERE for more information

Private Lesson with New York's Famous Pole Dancer


World-class performer Marlo Fisken invites you into the world of pole dancing. Focus on exotic pole dance, pole fitness or a medley. This exclusive experience is open to both women and men at all skill levels. CLICK HERE for more information

Rehearse, Record, and Release Your Own CD


Connect with your voice, whether you are an experienced singer or an absolute beginner, coached by musician and vocal coach Breck Alan who designs and prepares a recording session specifically for you. CLICK HERE for more information

Sit for a Portrait by a Celebrity Photographer


Offered is a private portrait sitting with Michael Paras, a true master of the photographic medium. He will work in the studio or photograph the subject at home or in his or her working environment. CLICK HERE for more information

Uncover the Secrets of a Professional Magician


Master magician Mark Setteducati offers instruction on both sleight-of-hand as well as original self-working magic, according to your individual interest. You will be able to master tricks that will amaze your friends. CLICK HERE for more information