Kitchen & Cookbooks

"The Rene Black Cookbook"


Rene Black was an authority on gastronomy and elegance, and a maitre de bouche, often described as "The Master of 40 Sauces." Mr. Black gathered his recipes into this remarkable cookbook, rich in the lore of cooking. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Stork Club Cookbook"


Offering a hard-to-find copy of the long-forgotten Stork Club Cookbook, an historic artifact originally published privately in 1949 by Sherman Billingsley, commemorating the 20th anniversary of New York's legendary Stork Club. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Waldorf Astoria Cookbook"


The Waldorf=Astoria has been world renowned for more than a century as a destination for heads of state, businessmen, and discriminating tourists. Offering a book that opens the doors to the hotel's kitchens. CLICK HERE for more information