Restaurant Museum

Americana Hotel Ashtray (1962)


New York City's great architectural event of 1962 was the opening of the Americana Hotel, designed by Morris Lapidus. Rescued from the original Americana is a rare ashtray that bears the hotel's "a" logo. CLICK HERE for more information

Angelo's of Mulberry Ashtray


Established in 1902, Angelo's is Little Italy's oldest existing restaurant, renown for traditional Neopolitan cuisine, with a clinetele that once included Ronald Reagan. CLICK HERE for more information

Asti Ashtray


Asti restaurant, opened in 1925, was perhaps the longest-running musical revue in New York. Everybody sang: the waiters, the bartenders, even the owner, Augusto Mariani, friend of the great Caruso. CLICK HERE for more information

Billy Reed's Little Club Ashtray


While stationed in Paris, Billy Reed hit upon the desire to open in New York the type of café he'd seen in Paris. When he was discharged, he parlied up enough cash to open the "Little Club" on New York's East Side. Offered is a genuine oversize ashtray from the legendary nightclub. CLICK HERE for more information

Carnegie Deli "Bakelite" Ashtray


The favorite hangout of comedians Henny Youngman and Jackie Mason, Carnegie Deli has become a tourist’s answer to the “authentic” New York experience. Offered is an original ashtray from a genuine landmark, acclaimed by delicatessen food aficionados across the country. CLICK HERE for more information

Cavanagh's Ashtray


John J. Cavanagh's original 23rd Street restaurant consisted of only an oyster bar with 12 tables. Tammany Hall politicians and prize-ring figures flocked to the place, quickly built it into a flourishing business. CLICK HERE for more information

Chateau Henri IV Restaurant Ashtray


With castle-like decor and violin music, Chateau Henri IV once provided a hideaway for illicit lovers. Offered is a rare memento of a visit to Chateau Henri IV, a genuine tabletop ashtray. CLICK HERE for more information

Cole Porter "Ritz Bar" Champagne Cocktail Glasses


Offering a Gift Box Set of 2 Limited-Edition "Ritz Bar" Champagne Cocktail Glasses, perfect for serving guests on a Cole Porter evening. CLICK HERE for more information

Commodore Hotel Ashtray


42nd Street's Grand Hyatt Hotel was originally the Commodore Hotel, built in 1920 and named after Commodore Vanderbilt, the railroad tycoon who built Grand Central Station. CLICK HERE for more information

Copacabana Ashtray


New York City's Copacabana reigned as one of the town's most glamorous night spots from its opening in the 1940s until well into the 50s. Offering an authentic artifact, swiped from a table of the legendary club. CLICK HERE for more information

Copeland's of Harlem Ashtray


The heart and soul of Harlem, Copeland’s Restaurant closed its doors forever in 2007, but we've found an artifact of this legendary “soul food” restaurant, a genuine tabletop ashtray. CLICK HERE for more information

Dangerfield's Comedy Club Ashtray


In 1969, comedian/actor Rodney Dangerfield co-founded this comedy venue, now the oldest in the country. It was a venue in which Rodney could perform on a regular basis, without having to constantly travel. Offering a "respectable" ashtray from the club's early days. CLICK HERE for more information

Danny's Hideaway Ashtray (Original)


Danny’s Hideaway was a beloved New York restaurant and bar that specialized in steaks, filet mignon and lobsters, and was frequented nightly by famous names in entertainment and sports. Offered is a rare memento from the original Danny's Hideaway. CLICK HERE for more information

Dinty Moore's Ashtray


James Moore, who called himself "Dinty," was notorious in the 1920s for his flagrant disregard of Prohibition, endearing him to the hard-drinking celebrity set. An authentic artifact from the legendary watering hole. CLICK HERE for more information

Dorrian's Red Hand Ashtray


Its history dates back to grandfather "Red" Dorrian's bootlegging days in the 1920s, and by the 1960s this Upper East Side hangout had become a pillar of a social institution for brothers of Sigma Phi. CLICK HERE for more information

Fifth Avenue Hotel Ashtray


The Fifth Avenue Hotel, built in 1856 by Amos Richards Eno, became host to numerous notable guests including Boss Tweed, Jay Gould, Jim Fisk and Commodore Vanderbilt. Offered is a memento of a visit to the famed hotel, a genuine guestroom ashtray. CLICK HERE for more information

Forum of the Twelve Caesars Ashtray (1957-1975)


Legendary restaurateur Joe Baum created a parade of legendary spots, including the Forum of the Twelve Caesars. Designs for the restaurant extended beyond the interiors, to tabletop details including a magnificent ashtray. CLICK HERE for more information

Genuine Toots Shor Ashtray


From New York's legendary saloon, the Toots Shor ashtray is a genuine relic that someone swiped from the venerable men's club. Handle with care, and pass down to the next generation. CLICK HERE for more information

Governor Clinton Hotel Ashtray (1929)


Named for George Clinton, the first governor of New York State, built in 1929 in the Italian Renaissance style, the Governor Clinton Hotel had 32 floors and was 378 feet high. CLICK HERE for more information

Henry Stampler's Filet Mignon Ashtray


Besides operating two of the busiest steakhouses in the city during the "Mad Men" era, Henry and Dan Stampler are credited with inventing the "doggie bag" in 1948. Offering an authentic ashtray from Henry Stampler's Filet Mignon, now out of favor along with cigarettes. CLICK HERE for more information