Restaurant Row

"International Bar Flies" Bloody Mary Glass (Gift Box Set of 2)


Harry's New York Bar in Paris has an historic distinction: back in the 1920s a bartender here mixed an "eye opener" called the Bloody Mary, originally served in this distinctive glass. Offering a Set of 2 with official "Rules of the I.B.F." CLICK HERE for more information

"La Pharmacie" Aromatic Bitters Bottle for Cocktails (with Dasher Top)


Observe the artisan-crafted glass bitters bottle fitted with a dasher top we discovered at La Pharmacie, an old antique pharmacy turned into a cocktail bar, a few steps from the Republic Square in Paris. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Algonquin Bar and Cocktail Book"


The Algonquin Hotel, the favorite lair of New York's literary and theater elite in the Roaring 20s, is the source for a classic collection of timeless cocktail recipes. Reading from "The Algonquin Bar and Cocktail Book" is like stepping back into history. CLICK HERE for more information

"Toots Shor" Shot Glasses (Gift Box Set of 4)


Cherished mementoes of his legendary saloon, offered is a Gift Box Set of 4 vintage Shot Glasses with the Toots Shor logo, just like the originals from the famed New York City watering hole, its thick glass at the base meant to absorb the shock of being slammed on a table or bar CLICK HERE for more information

"World's Coldest" 2-Piece Martini Chiller (Gift Box Set of 2)


The secret of the "World's Coldest" Martini is a specially-designed, 2-part glass chiller, guaranteed to keep your drink icy cold to the last sip. Each Gift Box Set contains 2 chiller bowls and 2 stemless glasses. CLICK HERE for more information

Algonquin Cocktail Glass (Entertaining Set of 4)


Sip favorite cocktails from this vintage-style glass while imagining the days of Dorothy Parker and the Algonquin Round Table, a notoriously witty group met for lunch daily at New York's Algonquin Hotel. The sleek design offers a stunning visual presentation for the home dinner or cocktail party. CLICK HERE for more information

Balthazar Bar Stool (Set of 2)


Offered for sale is the retro brasserie's signature stool, a clubby, wine-colored, padded-vinyl cushion with brass nailheads astride a durable mahogany frame, befitting Balthazarís place in the firmament of New York City restaurants. CLICK HERE for more information

Hotel Astor "Men's Bar" Crystal Whiskey Glass (Set of 2)


At the Old Waldorf Men-Only Bar, drinks were served in whiskey glasses that conveyed an expression of conviviality, and the entire experience revolved around how you hold one in your hand. Offered is a Gift Box Set of Crystal Whiskey Glasses inspired by the legendary Bar. CLICK HERE for more information

Manhattan "Skyscraper" Cocktail Glass (Set of 2)


The Manhattan Cocktail inspired its own glassware in 1938. This Art Deco Manhattan glassware uses concentric ribs to mimic the signature skyscrapers of New York. CLICK HERE for more information

Official Red Meat Club "Steak Knife" Necktie


What the "Red Meat Club" Necktie says about its wearer: confident, powerful and commands attention. There's no better way to "dress sharp" than with the crossed steak knives, both at work and on the town. CLICK HERE for more information

Old Knickerbocker Bar "Top Hat" Cocktail Glass


Offering the Old Knickerbocker Bar Cocktail Glass, faithfully reproduced from the original Morgantown Glass Works pattern. Each glass is crafted with an iconic stem in the shape of a dapper gentleman with a top hat, an homage to John Jacob Astorís New York and a symbol of American capitalism. CLICK HERE for more information

Rastal TeKu "World's Best Beer Glass" (Gift Box Set of 2)


Elegant, functional beer glass, designed by Italian beer experts and engineered by legendary German glassmakers, the TeKu is the first universal beer glass that allows every type of beer to be tasted to perfection. Offered in a Gift Box Set of 2. CLICK HERE for more information

Serendipity "Frozen Hot Chocolate" Party Box


Each Serendipity Party Box includes the glamorous, fishbowl-shaped Serendipity goblet served at the original Serendipity 3, a giant 18-ounce re-sealable cannister of the secret-recipe blend of 14 kinds of chocolate and exotic cocoas. CLICK HERE for more information

Victorian-Era Apothecary Bitters Bottle for Cocktails (with Dasher Top)


Offered is an exquisite reproduction of a Victorian-era glass bottle for apothecary bitters and tinctures, perfect for adding essential flavor components to classic and contemporary cocktails. CLICK HERE for more information

Americana Hotel Ashtray (1962)


New York City's great architectural event of 1962 was the opening of the Americana Hotel, designed by Morris Lapidus. Rescued from the original Americana is a rare ashtray that bears the hotel's "a" logo. CLICK HERE for more information

Angelo's of Mulberry Ashtray


Established in 1902, Angelo's is Little Italy's oldest existing restaurant, renown for traditional Neopolitan cuisine, with a clinetele that once included Ronald Reagan. CLICK HERE for more information

Asti Ashtray


Asti restaurant, opened in 1925, was perhaps the longest-running musical revue in New York. Everybody sang: the waiters, the bartenders, even the owner, Augusto Mariani, friend of the great Caruso. CLICK HERE for more information

Billy Reed's Little Club Ashtray


While stationed in Paris, Billy Reed hit upon the desire to open in New York the type of cafť he'd seen in Paris. When he was discharged, he parlied up enough cash to open the "Little Club" on New York's East Side. Offered is a genuine oversize ashtray from the legendary nightclub. CLICK HERE for more information

Carnegie Deli "Bakelite" Ashtray


The favorite hangout of comedians Henny Youngman and Jackie Mason, Carnegie Deli has become a touristís answer to the ďauthenticĒ New York experience. Offered is an original ashtray from a genuine landmark, acclaimed by delicatessen food aficionados across the country. CLICK HERE for more information

Cavanagh's Ashtray


John J. Cavanagh's original 23rd Street restaurant consisted of only an oyster bar with 12 tables. Tammany Hall politicians and prize-ring figures flocked to the place, quickly built it into a flourishing business. CLICK HERE for more information

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