Access Your Own Internal Guru


Yogini Zara will guide you step by step from warm up through a series of yoga exercises, custom designed for your experience level (from first timers to experienced practitioners), lifestyle, and personal history. CLICK HERE for more information

Begin the Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle with a Fitness Professional


Fitness and nutrition expert Ariane Hundt will create a personalized wellness program, incorporating simple, yet effective, lifestyle changes that will bring about dramatic results. CLICK HERE for more information

Fashion Makeover (for Her) with a Personal Stylist


Fashion designer Summer Robbins will take a fresh look at the contents of your wardrobe to assess, purge, and advise on what pieces will help to create a strong individual and personal style. CLICK HERE for more information

Gentleman's Bespoke Attire by a Master Tailor


Men who walk confidently through the world have discovered the secret of a custom-tailored suit. Master tailors at New York's Saint Laurie will handcraft a suit made to the gentleman's specific requirements. CLICK HERE for more information

Improve Your Public Speaking with a New York Pro


With the personal guidance of Sara Krieger, one of New York’s most sought-after announcers, you will learn the secrets of charismatic speaking, as well as how to communicate your ideas swiftly and effectively. CLICK HERE for more information

Master the Art of Modern Etiquette


Lyudmila Bloch teaches proper social etiquette, business etiquette, making an entrance, working a room, decoding body language, making first impressions, and how to become the perfect host or hostess. CLICK HERE for more information

Outdoor Therapy Session in Central Park


Moving the body opens the mind. New York therapist Clay Cockrell will conduct a talk-therapy session on a walk through Central Park, creating an environment of possibility and change. CLICK HERE for more information

Pilates Workout with a Master Teacher


Former Radio City Rockette Karyn Shipley creates an individualized Pilates workout that will leave you feeling invigorated, serene and self-aware, while focusing on strength, flexibility and stability. CLICK HERE for more information

Street-Smart Survival Training with a Self-Defense Expert


Self-defense instructor Jennifer Cassetta teaches how to assess danger and increase awareness, self-confidence and safety. She will provide street-smart techniques to build confidence and reduce fear. CLICK HERE for more information