"Tavern on the Green" (125 Recipes)


Nestled in Central Park, one of the most fabulous settings imaginable, Tavern on the Green dazzled generations of New Yorkers. This enchanting souvenir volume captures all of Tavern on the Green's rich history. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Union Square Cafe Cookbook" (Signed)


Danny Meyer is the owner of the three-star New York City Union Square Cafe, and Michael Romano has been chef there since 1988. Offering a collector's item 1994 First Edition, signed by both restaurateur Danny Meyer and chef Michael Romano. CLICK HERE for more information

New York "Garbage Art" Snow Globe


Designed for the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, the "Garbage Art" Snow Globe takes small-town imagery usually found in these globes and turns it on its head, replacing the usual setting with the iconic "I (Heart) NY" logo. CLICK HERE for more information

Hotel Delmonico Ashtray


Residents of the Hotel Delmonico included columnist and TV personality Ed Sullivan, banker Oliver Harriman, and New York Governor Charles S. Whitman. Offering a rare guestroom ashtray from the Hotel Delmonico. CLICK HERE for more information

"Bobby Short: The Life and Times of a Saloon Singer"


This book offers a vivid picture of what it was like to be young, talented, and black in the nightclub world of the thirties, forties, and early fifties. It relates in detail Bobby Shortís triumphant longtime tenure at the Hotel Carlyle. Previously-owned 1995 First Edition. CLICK HERE for more information

McSorley's Old Ale House Mugs

Now $24.00

Everyone from Abe Lincoln to John Lennon have indulged in mugs of ale at McSorley's Wonderful Saloon. The authentic 8-ounce, heavy-handle glass mugs, served two-at-a-time across McSorley's bar, are sold two-at-a-time to serious beer drinkers. Forget about buying just one. CLICK HERE for more information

"Number One" Subway Pendant Necklace


The novel and nostalgic gift of a New York Subway Pendant Necklace "Number One," handcrafted in genuine Sterling Silver, marks the subway line from Times Square Uptown to the Bronx. CLICK HERE for more information

Montauk Point Lighthouse Birdhouse


Watch birds build their nest and raise their young in this re-creation of the historic, red-and-white Montauk Point Lighthouse, a fully functional birdhouse featuring two nest boxes, easy to install on a standard wooden 4 X 4 or fence post. CLICK HERE for more information

"From Gags to Riches" (Foreword by Toots Shor)


Toots Shor himself provides a Foreword to this 1946 edition which has been called "the wittiest, raciest, chuckle-provoking collection of impudent tales, drawings, and art ever put together in one volume." CLICK HERE for more information

The Exotic "Zombie" Cocktail Ultimate Tiki Glass (Gift Box Set of 2)


Put the spirits to work for you with a killer-diller 15-ounce authentic Zombie glass, inspired by the powerful tropical rum libation at Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic's. CLICK HERE for more information

Americana Hotel Ashtray (1962)


New York City's great architectural event of 1962 was the opening of the Americana Hotel, designed by Morris Lapidus. Rescued from the original Americana is a rare ashtray that bears the hotel's "a" logo. CLICK HERE for more information

"Sardi's: The Story of a Famous Restaurant"


In this remarkable book, meet Vincent Sardi, the Italian emigrant who created a Broadway institution and endeared himself to them and everyone who loves the theater. His autobiography is warm, humorous, and romantic. Includes 30 recipes of famous Sardi dishes. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Colony. Portrait of a Restaurant and Its Famous Recipes"


A history of one of New York's most storied restaurants, and of its owner, Gene Cavallero, by the world traveler and contributor to both Esquire and Vogue, Iles Brody. Offering a rare 1945 First Edition copy. CLICK HERE for more information

Balthazar Bar Stool (Set of 2)


Offered for sale is the retro brasserie's signature stool, a clubby, wine-colored, padded-vinyl cushion with brass nailheads astride a durable mahogany frame, befitting Balthazarís place in the firmament of New York City restaurants. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Thin Man" Cocktail Glasses (Set of 2)


"The Thin Man" is still celebrated as the epitome of cocktail elegance in the movies. The authentic "Thin Man" Cocktail Glass used by Nick and Nora has been re-issued in heat-tempered crystal, using the original glass molds of glasses manufactured in the 1930s. CLICK HERE for more information

Nick & Nora Martini Glasses ("Thin Man" Collection)


In "The Thin Man" series of classic films, Nick and Nora Charles dabble in mysteries, martinis, and romance. The authentic Nick and Nora Martini Glass has been re-issued in heat-tempered crystal, using the original glass molds of glasses manufactured in the 1930s. CLICK HERE for more information

Brewpub-Style Craft Beer Tasting Flight Set


Re-create your own beer flights at home with this professional paddle and glass set used by bars, breweries, and restaurants. Each set includes a durable hardwood paddle with notched slots for four dishwasher-safe mini beer glasses. CLICK HERE for more information

Voisin Ashtray (James Bond dined here)


The inspiration for Voisin, in name and spirit, was an ages-old Parisian classic. Offered is an extremely rare ashtray, a venerable relic from one of New York's paragons of French cuisine. CLICK HERE for more information

Henry Stampler's Filet Mignon Ashtray


Besides operating two of the busiest steakhouses in the city during the "Mad Men" era, Henry and Dan Stampler are credited with inventing the "doggie bag" in 1948. Offering an authentic ashtray from Henry Stampler's Filet Mignon, now out of favor along with cigarettes. CLICK HERE for more information

Fifth Avenue Hotel Ashtray


The Fifth Avenue Hotel, built in 1856 by Amos Richards Eno, became host to numerous notable guests including Boss Tweed, Jay Gould, Jim Fisk and Commodore Vanderbilt. Offered is a memento of a visit to the famed hotel, a genuine guestroom ashtray. CLICK HERE for more information

"21: Life and Times of New York's Favorite Club"


Marilyn Kaytor's 175-page illustrated book was published to wide acclaim; it remains the definitive book about the legendary 21 Club. CLICK HERE for more information

"World's Coldest" 2-Piece Martini Chiller (Gift Box Set of 2)


The secret of the "World's Coldest" Martini is a specially-designed, 2-part glass chiller, guaranteed to keep your drink icy cold to the last sip. Each Gift Box Set contains 2 chiller bowls and 2 stemless glasses. CLICK HERE for more information

50 Genuine "New York" Coffee Cups (with lids)


Offering 50 NY Coffee Cups (with lids), sometimes called Anthoras, packed in a handy carry-out tray, the world's most famous paper cup, emblazoned WE ARE HAPPY TO SERVE YOU, ubiquitous in New York City since 1963. CLICK HERE for more information

Statue of Liberty Giant Replica (1/16-Scale)


Ovidiu Colea, the official sculptor of the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, has meticulously sculpted and cast a Giant Replica of the Statue of Liberty, 9-feet from the base to the tip of the flame, or 1/16 the size of its big sister. CLICK HERE for more information

Rastal TeKu "World's Best Beer Glass" (Gift Box Set of 2)


Elegant, functional beer glass, designed by Italian beer experts and engineered by legendary German glassmakers, the TeKu is the first universal beer glass that allows every type of beer to be tasted to perfection. Offered in a Gift Box Set of 2. CLICK HERE for more information

Classic NYC Espresso Cups (Gift Box Set of 4)


The Classic New York coffee cup has been handcrafted into a delightfully smaller size, ideal for the Espresso enthusiast. This diminutive cup stands 2.5 inches tall and holds 2.5 ounces. CLICK HERE for more information