Hale Barrister Bookcase Sectional Posting Shelf


Traditional Hale Barrister Bookcases offer versatile, space-saving solutions for the display of books and valuables. Unlike knockoffs, these are the genuine article, crafted from solid hardwood. CLICK HERE for more information

Hotel-Style "Room Service" Plate with Warming Cover (2-piece set)


Room Service meals are served under stackable, interlocking, stainless-steel covers with a center finger hole, a formality derived from European hotels. Each cover is fitted to an Oneida “hotel-weight” dinner plate. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Hotel"


In his lively and revealing book, Sonny Kleinfeld chronicles a typical week in the life of the Plaza -- and in the process shows how luxury hotels everywhere manage to maintain their enduring mystique. CLICK HERE for more information

"Inside the Plaza"


Author Ward Morehouse has collected all the Plaza Hotel's gems, looked in all the nooks and crannies. He has created a very special, intimately personalized account of the only storybook castle in America. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Plaza Cookbook"


With this 1972 First Edition of The Plaza Cookbook you can re-create for yourself the favorites and traditions of the millions who have loved her -- the food that has been fit for kings and princes. CLICK HERE for more information

"At the Plaza"


Curtis Gathje, the Plaza Hotel's official historian, has compiled a tremendous collection of photographs and vignettes chronicling the colorful history of a building, an institution, and a city. CLICK HERE for more information

Carnegie Deli "Bakelite" Ashtray


The favorite hangout of comedians Henny Youngman and Jackie Mason, Carnegie Deli has become a tourist’s answer to the “authentic” New York experience. Offered is an original ashtray from a genuine landmark, acclaimed by delicatessen food aficionados across the country. CLICK HERE for more information

Quo Vadis Restaurant Ashtray


Bruno Caravaggi opened Quo Vadis on East 63d Street in 1946, and the restaurant almost immediately became a fashionable destination. Offered is a memento of a visit to Quo Vadis, a genuine tabletop ashtray. CLICK HERE for more information

Moskowitz & Lupowitz Restaurant Ashtray


The Romanian-Jewish restaurant that stood on the corner of 2nd Street and 2nd Avenue, Moskowitz & Lupowitz became a favorite of Yiddish actors and many celebrities of the time. Offered is a memento of a visit to Moskowitz & Lupowitz, a genuine "bakelite" ashtray. CLICK HERE for more information

Hotel Drake Ashtray (Original)


For many years, the members of the Astor family were known as “the landlords of New York," and their most famous namesake is the luxury Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Offered is a memento of a visit to the Waldorf-Astoria, a genuine guestroom ashtray. CLICK HERE for more information

Jack Silverman's International Ashtray


Originally a 75-seat restaurant on Allen Street featuring a 75-cent dinner and an itinerant accordion player, Jack Silverman's expanded to a 500-seat affair on Broadway featuring performers Julius La Rosa, Alan Dale, Ted Lewis, Joey Adams, Lennie Kent, Jackie Miles, Sid Gould and Myron Cohen. CLICK HERE for more information

"Manhattan '45" by Jan Morris


In this book, published in 1986 by Jan Morris, one of the greatest prose stylists of all time, the victorious, hopeful, confident, celebratory, and explosive Manhattan of nearly seven decades ago finds its spectacular literary apotheosis. CLICK HERE for more information

"The 2nd Avenue Deli Cookbook"


From an internationally renowned Gotham landmark for nearly half a century, The Second Avenue Deli Cookbook contains more than 160 of Abe Lebewohl's recipes, including all of the Deli's peerless renditions of traditional Jewish dishes. CLICK HERE for more information

Summit Hotel Ashtray (Circa 1961)


An example of Morris Lapidus' exuberant architecture of motion and emotion, the Summit Hotel (now the Metropolitan) laid the foundation for Lexington Avenue's eclectic mix of buildings. Offering an authentic ashtray from the last standing Lapidus building in New York City. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Metropolitan Opera Cookbook"


The cookbook contains 150 recipes from the stars, chorus and orchestra of the Metropolitan Opera, accompanied by brief biographies of the stars and photographs of them cooking at home. Offering a 1988 First Edition. CLICK HERE for more information

Stork Club Pocket Mirror (Original)


Owner of New York's Stork Club, Sherman Billingsley, was well-known for his extravagant gifts presented to his favorite patrons. They included a pocket mirror for the ladies, specially made for the Stork club, with the club's name and logo on it. CLICK HERE for more information

"La Pharmacie" Aromatic Bitters Bottle for Cocktails (with Dasher Top)


Observe the artisan-crafted glass bitters bottle fitted with a dasher top we discovered at La Pharmacie, an old antique pharmacy turned into a cocktail bar, a few steps from the Republic Square in Paris. CLICK HERE for more information

Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate Goblet (Set of 2)


Throwing a party? We’ll supply more of Serendipity's enormous fishbowl-shaped goblets, perfect for Frozen Hot Chocolate or Ice Cream Sundaes, or, or, or. CLICK HERE for more information

Genuine Brooklyn "Egg Cream" Kit


The one and only, genuine, original Brooklyn Egg Cream Kit includes: 2 dispensers of Fox's U-Bet Fountain Syrup, 2 Junior's Egg Cream Recipe Glasses, 2 Stainless-Steel Mixing Spoons, and "Owner's Manual." CLICK HERE for more information

Old Knickerbocker Bar "Top Hat" Cocktail Glass


Offering the Old Knickerbocker Bar Cocktail Glass, faithfully reproduced from the original Morgantown Glass Works pattern. Each glass is crafted with an iconic stem in the shape of a dapper gentleman with a top hat, an homage to John Jacob Astor’s New York and a symbol of American capitalism. CLICK HERE for more information

The "Sweet Serendipity" Giant Sundae Magnum


Serendipity's Sundae Magnum provides shape, style, and personality for creating your own versions of its world-famous, old-fashioned "Drug Store Sundaes" at home. CLICK HERE for more information

"Toots Shor" Shot Glasses (Gift Box Set of 4)


Cherished mementoes of his legendary saloon, offered is a Gift Box Set of 4 vintage Shot Glasses with the Toots Shor logo, just like the originals from the famed New York City watering hole, its thick glass at the base meant to absorb the shock of being slammed on a table or bar CLICK HERE for more information

"Arthur" Disco-Era Ashtray


Artifacts from Sybil Burton's 1960s discotheque have mostly vanished into history, except for a rare ashtray or two. We have retrieved a precious few of these authentic specimens, each a unique gift for your own Arthur. CLICK HERE for more information

Hildegarde Autograph.


Her Signature Was Her Logo. Offered here: framed photograph of Hildegarde with personal autograph in her unmistakable handwriting. That "E" at the end of her name really takes off. Dated June 30, 1960. CLICK HERE for more information

Noel Coward Autograph


Noel Coward was one of the single most talented individuals of the twentieth century. Offering a classic for the serious collector: framed photo of Mr. Coward, with signature in his own unmistakable handwriting. CLICK HERE for more information

"Soundwalk" Ground Zero

Now $14.40

For curious New Yorkers and bold visitors, use a portable CD player, headphones, and an accompanying map for a guided walking tour of the neighborhood surrounding the site of the World Trade Center. CLICK HERE for more information