Hotel Piccadilly Ashtray


From the 1930s to the 1950s, the Hotel Piccadilly was a hot place to book a room or meet for a drink. Although it was orn down in 1982 to make way for the Marriott.Marquis, we've managed to rescue a guest room ashtray, desirable for its connection to the culture of New York City. CLICK HERE for more information

The Lobster Restaurant Ashtray


Simon Linz and Max Fuchs founded The Lobster in 1919. Rising young executives of MGM who frequented the place thought nothing of sitting on beer boxes to enjoy the good seafood. CLICK HERE for more information

René Dreyfus' Le Chanteclair Ashtray


Le Chanteclair, directly between Rockefeller Center and the Waldorf-Astoria, was owned by René Dreyfus, the French racing driver who piloted his own personal Bugatti to victory in the 1930 Grand Prix of Monaco. CLICK HERE for more information

Toffenetti Ashtray


Dario Louis Toffenetti built a two-story, glass-fronted building, outfitted with an escalator and a show-off gleaming stainless steel kitchen. The restaurant was "Famous for Ham and Sweets." CLICK HERE for more information

Hale Barrister Bookcase Closed-Box Base


Traditional Hale Barrister Bookcases offer versatile, space-saving solutions for the display of books and valuables. A base is required to support each set of bookcase components. The Closed-Box Base is one option. CLICK HERE for more information

Hotel Roosevelt Ashtray


Named in honor of Theodore Roosevelt and designed by George B. Post & Son, the stately Hotel Roosevelt was at one time linked with Grand Central Terminal. Offered is a venerable relic from the legendary Roosevelt. CLICK HERE for more information

Governor Clinton Hotel Ashtray (1929)


Named for George Clinton, the first governor of New York State, built in 1929 in the Italian Renaissance style, the Governor Clinton Hotel had 32 floors and was 378 feet high. CLICK HERE for more information

Hotel Lexington Ashtray


The 27-story Hotel Lexington has been a hospitality landmark since 1929, residence of “Hall of Famer” Joe DiMaggio of the New York Yankees. Offered is a rare ashtray swiped from a guestroom of the legendary hotel. CLICK HERE for more information

Dinty Moore's Ashtray


James Moore, who called himself "Dinty," was notorious in the 1920s for his flagrant disregard of Prohibition, endearing him to the hard-drinking celebrity set. An authentic artifact from the legendary watering hole. CLICK HERE for more information

Hotel Algonquin Ashtray


The Algonquin Hotel is a wondrous accretion of legend left behind by countless wits, wags, actors, playwrights, and novelists. Offered is a venerable relic that someone swiped from the legendary hotel. CLICK HERE for more information

"Drawing a Crowd" by Bill Gallo


Offering a rare copy of the late Bill Gallo's engaging opus. In the pages of this remarkable book, he pays graphic tribute to achievements and the achievers in sports and society during his long career. CLICK HERE for more information

Michael's Pub Ashtray


Michael's Pub was an East Side institution where Woody Allen played clarinet with his Dixieland band every Monday night for 25 years. Offering an authentic artifact, swiped from a table of the legendary club. CLICK HERE for more information

"21 Cookbook" by Michael Lomonaco


Although '21' has been immortalized on film, in photographs, drawings, and print, there has never before been a '21' cookbook. Happily, that oversight was rectified with this 1995 First Edition by Chef Michael Lomonaco. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Waldorf Astoria Cookbook"


The Waldorf=Astoria has been world renowned for more than a century as a destination for heads of state, businessmen, and discriminating tourists. Offering a book that opens the doors to the hotel's kitchens. CLICK HERE for more information

"Lundy's Reminiscesces and Recipes"


Lundy's Restaurant was an institution of Brooklyn life, as essential as the Bridge and the Dodgers. In this 1998 First Edition, Robert Cornfield celebrates the revitalized Lundy's while breathing life into the old one. CLICK HERE for more information

"Tavern on the Green" (125 Recipes)


Nestled in Central Park, one of the most fabulous settings imaginable, Tavern on the Green dazzled generations of New Yorkers. This enchanting souvenir volume captures all of Tavern on the Green's rich history. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Union Square Cafe Cookbook" (Signed)


Danny Meyer is the owner of the three-star New York City Union Square Cafe, and Michael Romano has been chef there since 1988. Offering a collector's item 1994 First Edition, signed by both restaurateur Danny Meyer and chef Michael Romano. CLICK HERE for more information

New York "Garbage Art" Snow Globe


Designed for the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, the "Garbage Art" Snow Globe takes small-town imagery usually found in these globes and turns it on its head, replacing the usual setting with the iconic "I (Heart) NY" logo. CLICK HERE for more information

Hotel Delmonico Ashtray


Residents of the Hotel Delmonico included columnist and TV personality Ed Sullivan, banker Oliver Harriman, and New York Governor Charles S. Whitman. Offering a rare guestroom ashtray from the Hotel Delmonico. CLICK HERE for more information

"Bobby Short: The Life and Times of a Saloon Singer"


This book offers a vivid picture of what it was like to be young, talented, and black in the nightclub world of the thirties, forties, and early fifties. It relates in detail Bobby Short’s triumphant longtime tenure at the Hotel Carlyle. Previously-owned 1995 First Edition. CLICK HERE for more information

McSorley's Old Ale House Mugs

Now $24.00

Everyone from Abe Lincoln to John Lennon have indulged in mugs of ale at McSorley's Wonderful Saloon. The authentic 8-ounce, heavy-handle glass mugs, served two-at-a-time across McSorley's bar, are sold two-at-a-time to serious beer drinkers. Forget about buying just one. CLICK HERE for more information

"Number One" Subway Pendant Necklace


The novel and nostalgic gift of a New York Subway Pendant Necklace "Number One," handcrafted in genuine Sterling Silver, marks the subway line from Times Square Uptown to the Bronx. CLICK HERE for more information

Montauk Point Lighthouse Birdhouse


Watch birds build their nest and raise their young in this re-creation of the historic, red-and-white Montauk Point Lighthouse, a fully functional birdhouse featuring two nest boxes, easy to install on a standard wooden 4 X 4 or fence post. CLICK HERE for more information

"From Gags to Riches" (Foreword by Toots Shor)


Toots Shor himself provides a Foreword to this 1946 edition which has been called "the wittiest, raciest, chuckle-provoking collection of impudent tales, drawings, and art ever put together in one volume." CLICK HERE for more information

Americana Hotel Ashtray (1962)


New York City's great architectural event of 1962 was the opening of the Americana Hotel, designed by Morris Lapidus. Rescued from the original Americana is a rare ashtray that bears the hotel's "a" logo. CLICK HERE for more information

"Sardi's: The Story of a Famous Restaurant"


In this remarkable book, meet Vincent Sardi, the Italian emigrant who created a Broadway institution and endeared himself to them and everyone who loves the theater. His autobiography is warm, humorous, and romantic. Includes 30 recipes of famous Sardi dishes. CLICK HERE for more information