Entertainment & Diversions

"Arthur" Disco-Era Ashtray


Artifacts from Sybil Burton's 1960s discotheque have mostly vanished into history, except for a rare ashtray or two. We have retrieved a precious few of these authentic specimens, each a unique gift for your own Arthur. CLICK HERE for more information

Statue of Liberty Giant Replica (1/16-Scale)


Ovidiu Colea, the official sculptor of the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, has meticulously sculpted and cast a Giant Replica of the Statue of Liberty, 9-feet from the base to the tip of the flame, or 1/16 the size of its big sister. CLICK HERE for more information

Washington Square Arch Bookend Set

Now $99.00

One of Greenwich Village's urban landmarks, the Washington Square Arch becomes two tall bookends made of hand-cast and hand-finished crushed stone resin. Great for organizing and supporting large books, notebooks, binders, and magazines. CLICK HERE for more information

"I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow" by Joe Namath (with Dick Schaap)


He not only led the New York Jets to an AFL championship, but also won the league's first Super Bowl. Pro football player and legendary playboy, Joe Namath cemented his name into American pop culture. Offering a First Edition copy CLICK HERE for more information

"Joe Namath: A Matter of Style" (1973)


Off the football field, Namath was also known to have lived a lifestyle which earned him the nickname "Broadway Joe," and who famously liked "my women blonde and my Johnny Walker Red." Offering a First Edition copy. CLICK HERE for more information

Hildegarde Autograph.


Her Signature Was Her Logo. Offered here: framed photograph of Hildegarde with personal autograph in her unmistakable handwriting. That "E" at the end of her name really takes off. Dated June 30, 1960. CLICK HERE for more information

Noel Coward Autograph


Noel Coward was one of the single most talented individuals of the twentieth century. Offering a classic for the serious collector: framed photo of Mr. Coward, with signature in his own unmistakable handwriting. CLICK HERE for more information

Manhattan "Skyscraper" Cocktail Glass (Set of 2)


The Manhattan Cocktail inspired its own glassware in 1938. This Art Deco Manhattan glassware uses concentric ribs to mimic the signature skyscrapers of New York. CLICK HERE for more information

New York's Most Exquisite Cocktail Glass (Set of 4)

Now $36.00

Offered are "the most exquisite" cocktail glasses, exclusively crafted for the lounge at the New York Palace, providing a stunning visual presentation for the most extravagant drinks in the city. CLICK HERE for more information

Official Red Meat Club "Steak Knife" Necktie


What the "Red Meat Club" Necktie says about its wearer: confident, powerful and commands attention. There's no better way to "dress sharp" than with the crossed steak knives, both at work and on the town. CLICK HERE for more information

Stork Club Champagne Coupe(Swanky Set of 2)


Offered are the genuine, original Champagne Coupes as popularized at New York’s legendary Stork Club. Each swellegant glass stands 4 ˝-inches tall and holds 5 ˝-ounces of bubbly, its bowl-shape allowing for a greater appreciation of the bouquet of the drink. CLICK HERE for more information

"Sex and the City" Collector's Edition


You can never have too much of a good thing. Celebrate the show that explores world of single women in this, the definitive Collector's Edition. All six seasons in one. CLICK HERE for more information