Experience Gifts

Boudoir Photography Private Shoot


Laura Little, one of New York's most sought-after professional photographers, will capture a moment in time and create a lasting memory in a private "Boudoir" photo session. The idea is to show a sexy or sensual side of you, images that reflect your personality. CLICK HERE for more information

Create Your Own Perfume and Express Your Personality


Fragrance Expert Sue Phillips uses years of experience and supreme creative vision to produce a one-of-a-kind fragrance that is as individual as you are, one that suits your personality and body chemistry. CLICK HERE for more information

Gentleman's Bespoke Attire by a Master Tailor


Men who walk confidently through the world have discovered the secret of a custom-tailored suit. Master tailors at New York's Saint Laurie will handcraft a suit made to the gentleman's specific requirements. CLICK HERE for more information

Get Into the Tank with a Pool Shark


Professional pool player Tony Robles provides a private lesson for the beginner or advanced player. Instruction includes the overall fundamentals of American-style eight-ball. CLICK HERE for more information

House Call by New York's Cat Therapist


Put your cat "on the couch." You'll learn to understand your cat's emotions and appreciate his or her particular feline grace. You will learn how your cat uses tail, ears, eyes, and body language to communicate with you. CLICK HERE for more information

Test Your Chess Skills with a Grand Master


For the beginner or seasoned player, offered is the rare opportunity to play and learn strategy with Grand Master Lev Alburt, one of the world's best chess players and a very good teacher who is willing to share his wisdom. CLICK HERE for more information

Train for the Title at Gleason's Gym


Lace up a pair of Everlast gloves. In an intensive one-hour workout, one of Gleason's great group of trainers will coach you on developing quickness, timing and strength, stamina and coordination. CLICK HERE for more information

Uncover the Secrets of a Professional Magician


Master magician Mark Setteducati offers instruction on both sleight-of-hand as well as original self-working magic, according to your individual interest. You will be able to master tricks that will amaze your friends. CLICK HERE for more information