Gotham Grocery

Serendipity "Frozen Hot Chocolate" Party Box


Each Serendipity Party Box includes the glamorous, fishbowl-shaped Serendipity goblet served at the original Serendipity 3, a giant 18-ounce re-sealable cannister of the secret-recipe blend of 14 kinds of chocolate and exotic cocoas. CLICK HERE for more information

"Modern Art" NY Coffee Cup (Ceramic)


Unique and timeless, it's no wonder someone turned the iconic New York Coffee Cup design from disposable to permanent, from paper to infinitely-reusable ceramic. Immortalized at New York's Museum of Modern Art. CLICK HERE for more information

100 Genuine "New York" Coffee Cups (with lids)


So identified with the city, the iconic Greek diner coffee-to-go cups have become standard props on TV shows and motion pictures set in the city. Offering the original 10-ounce paper cups, sealed in plastic sleeves. CLICK HERE for more information

Bowery "Spare a Dime" Change Purse


The design is modeled after the famous NY Coffee Cup, featuring the well-known blue and gold motif and the phrase "We Are Happy to Serve You." Well-constructed of durable, printed leather. CLICK HERE for more information

New York Coffee Cup Watch

Now $19.00

Make a bold statement about your beverage of choice. The iconic NY Coffee Cup has inspires a timepiece to keep track of every "New York Minute." Battery-powered quartz watch movement and natural leather band. CLICK HERE for more information

NY Coffee Cup Cuff Links


The man who wears NY Coffee Cup-inspired Cuff Links is bound to raise a few eyebrows, as he makes his own fashion statement. Crafted in enamel on a nickel-plated backing and presented in a handsome gift box. CLICK HERE for more information

"International Bar Flies" Bloody Mary Glass (Gift Box Set of 2)


Harry's New York Bar in Paris has an historic distinction: back in the 1920s a bartender here mixed an "eye opener" called the Bloody Mary, originally served in this distinctive glass. Offering a Set of 2 with official "Rules of the I.B.F." CLICK HERE for more information

"La Pharmacie" Aromatic Bitters Bottle for Cocktails (with Dasher Top)


Observe the artisan-crafted glass bitters bottle fitted with a dasher top we discovered at La Pharmacie, an old antique pharmacy turned into a cocktail bar, a few steps from the Republic Square in Paris. CLICK HERE for more information

Algonquin Cocktail Glass (Entertaining Set of 4)


Sip favorite cocktails from this vintage-style glass while imagining the days of Dorothy Parker and the Algonquin Round Table, a notoriously witty group met for lunch daily at New York's Algonquin Hotel. The sleek design offers a stunning visual presentation for the home dinner or cocktail party. CLICK HERE for more information

Manhattan "Skyscraper" Cocktail Glass (Set of 2)


The Manhattan Cocktail inspired its own glassware in 1938. This Art Deco Manhattan glassware uses concentric ribs to mimic the signature skyscrapers of New York. CLICK HERE for more information

McSorley's Old Ale House Mugs

Now $24.00

Everyone from Abe Lincoln to John Lennon have indulged in mugs of ale at McSorley's Wonderful Saloon. The authentic 8-ounce, heavy-handle glass mugs, served two-at-a-time across McSorley's bar, are sold two-at-a-time to serious beer drinkers. Forget about buying just one. CLICK HERE for more information

New York's Most Exquisite Cocktail Glass (Set of 4)

Now $36.00

Offered are "the most exquisite" cocktail glasses, exclusively crafted for the lounge at the New York Palace, providing a stunning visual presentation for the most extravagant drinks in the city. CLICK HERE for more information

Old Knickerbocker Bar "Top Hat" Cocktail Glass


Offering the Old Knickerbocker Bar Cocktail Glass, faithfully reproduced from the original Morgantown Glass Works pattern. Each glass is crafted with an iconic stem in the shape of a dapper gentleman with a top hat, an homage to John Jacob Astor’s New York and a symbol of American capitalism. CLICK HERE for more information

Rastal TeKu "World's Best Beer Glass" (Gift Box Set of 2)


Elegant, functional beer glass, designed by Italian beer experts and engineered by legendary German glassmakers, the TeKu is the first universal beer glass that allows every type of beer to be tasted to perfection. Offered in a Gift Box Set of 2. CLICK HERE for more information

Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate Goblet (Set of 2)


Throwing a party? We’ll supply more of Serendipity's enormous fishbowl-shaped goblets, perfect for Frozen Hot Chocolate or Ice Cream Sundaes, or, or, or. CLICK HERE for more information

Stork Club Champagne Coupe(Swanky Set of 2)


Offered are the genuine, original Champagne Coupes as popularized at New York’s legendary Stork Club. Each swellegant glass stands 4 ½-inches tall and holds 5 ½-ounces of bubbly, its bowl-shape allowing for a greater appreciation of the bouquet of the drink. CLICK HERE for more information

The "Sweet Serendipity" Giant Sundae Magnum


Serendipity's Sundae Magnum provides shape, style, and personality for creating your own versions of its world-famous, old-fashioned "Drug Store Sundaes" at home. CLICK HERE for more information

"Alfredo Viazzi’s Cucina e Nostalgia"


This unique cookbook combines essays from the hand of a master chef who shares the great Italian cooking that made his life a rich and joyous experience. Includes a list of Alfredo’s own favorite eating places. CLICK HERE for more information

"Calvin Lee's Chinese Cooking"


in 1934, Calvin Lee inherited the family's Chinese restaurant. His delightful book will acquaint readers with how the Chinese have cooked for generations, and how this is adapted to the American home kitchen. CLICK HERE for more information

"Campagna Table"


Mark Strausman's pastas were legendary, and in his limited-edition cookbook, the chef teaches the reader how to prepare them at home, including the restaurant's signature dish, Penne A.O.P. CLICK HERE for more information