Gotham Grocery

"Calvin Lee's Chinese Cooking"


in 1934, Calvin Lee inherited the family's Chinese restaurant. His delightful book will acquaint readers with how the Chinese have cooked for generations, and how this is adapted to the American home kitchen. CLICK HERE for more information

"Campagna Table"


Mark Strausman's pastas were legendary, and in his limited-edition cookbook, the chef teaches the reader how to prepare them at home, including the restaurant's signature dish, Penne A.O.P. CLICK HERE for more information

"Cooking a la Longchamps"


New York City's famed Longchamps restaurants built a forty-five year reputation on gracious dining. Cooking a la Longchamps includes 100 recipes for dishes most requested by Longchamps' patrons, liberally spiced with wonderful restaurant stories. CLICK HERE for more information

"Dining at The Pavillon"


The story of one of the finest restaurants in the Western Hemisphere, the fabled Le Pavillon and its proprietor, Henri Soule, is offered in a rare book that includes observations on the art of graceful living. CLICK HERE for more information

"Glow of Candlelight" by Patricia Murphy


In her restaurant, waitresses in gingham walked around with baskets of popovers. In this nearly-forgotten book, Patricia Murphy tells the amazing story of her success and shares her most treasured recipes and menus. CLICK HERE for more information

"Life of a Restaurant"


Tales and Recipes from La Colombe d'Or. A volume that is as charming as the restaurant itself, and supplemented by more than 60 of La Colombe d'Or's most celebrated Provencal-style recipes originated at the restaurant. CLICK HERE for more information

"Love and Dishes"


Niccolo de Quattrociocchi presents the inside story of his amusing career, along with recipes, not only his own and those from El Borracho, but include many from famous restaurants around the country. CLICK HERE for more information

"Luchow's German Cookbook"


The recipes in Luchow's German Cookbook represent the finest collection of authentic and purely German dishes ever published in America. Offering a previously-owned 1952 First Edition copy. CLICK HERE for more information

"Mamma Leone's Italian Cookbook"


From the "Mother of All Italian Restaurants," Leone's Italian Cookbook, Gene Leone shares more than 300 of his family's favorite Italian recipes. Offering a previously-owned 1967 First Edition copy. CLICK HERE for more information

"Rodney Dangerfield's Cookbook"


In Rodney Dangerfield's Cookbook, recipes are interspersed with one-liners and anecdotes featured at legendary New York restaurant and night club, Dangerfield's, where comedian Rodney Dangerfield dished out the jokes. CLICK HERE for more information

"Romeo Salta Cookbook"


A guide to over 300 recipes by the legendary restaurateur, truly a blueprint to the art of creating, preparing, and serving an incomparable Italian cuisine. Romeo Salta was called "one of the three or four best Italian restaurants in the world (including Italy)." CLICK HERE for more information

"Tavern on the Green" (125 Recipes)


Nestled in Central Park, one of the most fabulous settings imaginable, Tavern on the Green dazzled generations of New Yorkers. This enchanting souvenir volume captures all of Tavern on the Green's rich history. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Cattleman’s Steak Book"


Larry Ellman’s New York City institution recaptured the charm and elegance of a plush San Francisco saloon at the turn of the century, and became one of the nation’s most successful restaurants. 200 recipes capture the flavor of "the adult Western restaurant." CLICK HERE for more information

"The House of Chan Cookbook"


This vintage cookbook includes 100 recipes from New York's legendary Chinese restaurant, The House of Chan, from Chop Suey to Almond Cookies. Offering a rare First Edition copy. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Lutece Cookbook"


Lutèce, the renowned landmark French restaurant closed its doors, ending a 43-year run as a pillar of French dining in the United States, but the recipes live on in The Lutece Cookbook. Offering a rare First Edition copy. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Manhattan Chili Co. Cookbook"


A truly remarkable Southwest American cookbook. Recipes in The Manhattan Chili Co. Cookbook are devised by partner Michael McLaughlin, co-author of The Silver Palate Cookbook. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Park Avenue Cookbook"


This lavish cookbook, published in 1981, contains over 300 recipes that capture the special epicurean pleasures that are the essence of the Park Avenue style of living. Previously-owned First Edition. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Rene Black Cookbook"


Rene Black was an authority on gastronomy and elegance, and a maitre de bouche, often described as "The Master of 40 Sauces." Mr. Black gathered his recipes into this remarkable cookbook, rich in the lore of cooking. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Stork Club Cookbook"


Offering a hard-to-find copy of the long-forgotten Stork Club Cookbook, an historic artifact originally published privately in 1949 by Sherman Billingsley, commemorating the 20th anniversary of New York's legendary Stork Club. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Waldorf Astoria Cookbook"


The Waldorf=Astoria has been world renowned for more than a century as a destination for heads of state, businessmen, and discriminating tourists. Offering a book that opens the doors to the hotel's kitchens. CLICK HERE for more information