Reading Room

"21: Every Day Was New Year's Eve"


Peter Kriendler paints a spellbinding portrait of the 21 Club through its birth as a Greenwich speakeasy to its move to Midtown as "21" became America's most legendary restaurant. CLICK HERE for more information

"21: Life and Times of New York's Favorite Club"


Marilyn Kaytor's 175-page illustrated book was published to wide acclaim; it remains the definitive book about the legendary 21 Club. CLICK HERE for more information

"Bobby Short: The Life and Times of a Saloon Singer"


This book offers a vivid picture of what it was like to be young, talented, and black in the nightclub world of the thirties, forties, and early fifties. It relates in detail Bobby Short’s triumphant longtime tenure at the Hotel Carlyle. Previously-owned 1995 First Edition. CLICK HERE for more information

"Drawing a Crowd" by Bill Gallo


Offering a rare copy of the late Bill Gallo's engaging opus. In the pages of this remarkable book, he pays graphic tribute to achievements and the achievers in sports and society during his long career. CLICK HERE for more information

"Here's to the Friars" by Joey Adams


Joey Adams' book provides a field day of insult humor and boozy camaraderie in his history of the posh Manhattan club for entertainers, their agents and writers. CLICK HERE for more information

"How to Catch a Man" by Zsa Zsa Gabor


Zsa Zsa Gabor is best known for her many marriages, personal appearances, her "dahlink" catchphrase, her actions, life gossip, and especially her opinions of men. Offering a rare First Edition copy of her tell-all book. CLICK HERE for more information

"I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow" by Joe Namath (with Dick Schaap)


He not only led the New York Jets to an AFL championship, but also won the league's first Super Bowl. Pro football player and legendary playboy, Joe Namath cemented his name into American pop culture. Offering a First Edition copy CLICK HERE for more information

"Impresario" The Life and Times of Ed Sullivan


Author James Maguire has written a fascinating biography of Ed Sullivan and meticulously recorded the birth of TV, the heyday of newspaper columnists and the glamour of New York City. Offered is a 2006 First Edition of "Impresario," including 40 illustrations. CLICK HERE for more information

"Joe Namath: A Matter of Style" (1973)


Off the football field, Namath was also known to have lived a lifestyle which earned him the nickname "Broadway Joe," and who famously liked "my women blonde and my Johnny Walker Red." Offering a First Edition copy. CLICK HERE for more information

"Life at the Dakota" (1979)


Offering a deliciously entertaining social history that describes the lives of the rich and trendy who have lived at the Dakota, the iconic New York apartment house daringly erected in 1884, becoming the home of Boris Karloff, Judy Holliday, Leonard Bernstein, Lauren Bacall, and John Lennon CLICK HERE for more information

"Manhattan '45" by Jan Morris


In this book, published in 1986 by Jan Morris, one of the greatest prose stylists of all time, the victorious, hopeful, confident, celebratory, and explosive Manhattan of nearly seven decades ago finds its spectacular literary apotheosis. CLICK HERE for more information

"Sex and the City" Collector's Edition


You can never have too much of a good thing. Celebrate the show that explores world of single women in this, the definitive Collector's Edition. All six seasons in one. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Algonquin Bar and Cocktail Book"


The Algonquin Hotel, the favorite lair of New York's literary and theater elite in the Roaring 20s, is the source for a classic collection of timeless cocktail recipes. Reading from "The Algonquin Bar and Cocktail Book" is like stepping back into history. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Art of Cooking Omelettes" (1963 First Edition)


A good French omelette is a smooth, gently swelling, golden oval that is tender and creamy inside. Julia Child recommended this book at the end of her French cooking episode on omelette-making, in which she proposed an omelette party offering a myriad of fillings. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Wonderful World of Toots Shor"


Palship, as John Bainbridge observes in the nearly-forgotten 1950 profile of Toots, was what the legendary saloon was all about. This remarkable book celebrates New York's "temple of palship" like no other. CLICK HERE for more information

"Toots" by Bob Considine


Toots Shor emerges, intact and unique, in this authentic portrait by Bob Considine, a fellow bum of long stanging. Rich in names, humor and good stories, Toots provides a feast for any reader. CLICK HERE for more information

Washington Square Arch Bookend Set

Now $99.00

One of Greenwich Village's urban landmarks, the Washington Square Arch becomes two tall bookends made of hand-cast and hand-finished crushed stone resin. Great for organizing and supporting large books, notebooks, binders, and magazines. CLICK HERE for more information