Restaurant Row

Reuben's Ashtray


From its opening in 1935, an event attended by Mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia, until its closing in 1966, Reuben's was at 6 East 58th Street, off Fifth Avenue. Offering an ashtray from the birthplace of the Reuben Sandwich. CLICK HERE for more information

Ritz-Carlton Ashtray


The name Ritz-Carlton dates back to the Hôtel Ritz Paris and the Ritz Hotel in London. The New York Ritz-Carlton at the corner of Central Park South and Avenue of the Americas has a sweeping view of Central Park. CLICK HERE for more information

Rosoff's Ashtray


Max Rosoff was a famous New York City restaurateur who founded Rosoff's Restaurant in Times Square. For 63 years, his eponymous three-story restaurant was frequented by theatergoers. CLICK HERE for more information

Sardi's Ashtray


The "Toast of Broadway" for 75 years, Sardi's has been known as a pre- and post-theater hang-out, as well as a location for Opening Night parties. CLICK HERE for more information

Smith & Wollensky Ashtray


At the site of the old Manny Wolf's in midtown Manhattan, the original Smith & Wollensky steakhouse occupies a stand-alone building where urban cowboys herd together over big steaks with knives to match. CLICK HERE for more information

Stage Delicatessen Ashtray


We are pleased to offer the original Cipriani Bellini Mix from the cocktail's place of origin, including original recipes from Harry's Bar. And since there is only one proper way to serve the Bellini, we offer fashionable, 7-ounce Cipriani Bellini Glasses, allowing guests to savor the lush flavor of the celebratory drink. Each "Part Set" includes 2 cans of Bellini Mix and 2 Bellini Glasses. CLICK HERE for more information

Summit Hotel Ashtray (Circa 1961)


An example of Morris Lapidus' exuberant architecture of motion and emotion, the Summit Hotel (now the Metropolitan) laid the foundation for Lexington Avenue's eclectic mix of buildings. Offering an authentic ashtray from the last standing Lapidus building in New York City. CLICK HERE for more information

The Cookery Ashtray & Matches


Barney Josephson, founder of the legendary Cafe Society, opened The Cookery, serving hamburgers and omelets along with the jazz at University Place and Eighth Street. Offering an original Cookery ashtray, purloined from the club. CLICK HERE for more information

The Lobster Restaurant Ashtray


Simon Linz and Max Fuchs founded The Lobster in 1919. Rising young executives of MGM who frequented the place thought nothing of sitting on beer boxes to enjoy the good seafood. CLICK HERE for more information

The Peninsula Hotel Ashtray


Overshadowed by more luxurious hotels like the Plaza Hotel just a few blocks north and the St. Regis just across the street, the Gotham Hotel changed its name to the Peninsula. Offering an original Peninsula Hotel ashtray, desirable for its connection to New York City culture. CLICK HERE for more information

Toffenetti Ashtray


Dario Louis Toffenetti built a two-story, glass-fronted building, outfitted with an escalator and a show-off gleaming stainless steel kitchen. The restaurant was "Famous for Ham and Sweets." CLICK HERE for more information

Village Barn Ashtray


"Village Barn" was the first country music program on American network television. Broadcast from 1948 to 1950, the weekly variety series originated from The Village Barn in New York City's Greenwich Village. CLICK HERE for more information

Voisin Ashtray (James Bond dined here)


The inspiration for Voisin, in name and spirit, was an ages-old Parisian classic. Offered is an extremely rare ashtray, a venerable relic from one of New York's paragons of French cuisine. CLICK HERE for more information

Waldorf-Astoria Hotel Ashtray


For many years, the members of the Astor family were known as “the landlords of New York," and their most famous namesake is the luxury Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Offered is a memento of a visit to the Waldorf-Astoria, a genuine, 1940s-era guestroom ashtray. CLICK HERE for more information

Warwick Hotel Ashtray


The Warwick Hotel was commissioned by William Randolph Hearst as a guesthouse for his Hollywood and theatrical friends, with a penthouse for his mistress, Marion Davies, across the street from the Ziegfeld Theater. CLICK HERE for more information

"From Gags to Riches" (Foreword by Toots Shor)


Toots Shor himself provides a Foreword to this 1946 edition which has been called "the wittiest, raciest, chuckle-provoking collection of impudent tales, drawings, and art ever put together in one volume." CLICK HERE for more information

"The Wonderful World of Toots Shor"


Palship, as John Bainbridge observes in the nearly-forgotten 1950 profile of Toots, was what the legendary saloon was all about. This remarkable book celebrates New York's "temple of palship" like no other. CLICK HERE for more information

"Toots Shor" by Alan Dunn


Toots in pen and ink, drawn for John Bainbridge's book by American cartoonist Alan Dunn, depicts the famous bear hug by legendary saloonkeeper Toots Shor. Offered is an 8" x 10" desktop artifact. CLICK HERE for more information

"Toots" by Bob Considine


Toots Shor emerges, intact and unique, in this authentic portrait by Bob Considine, a fellow bum of long stanging. Rich in names, humor and good stories, Toots provides a feast for any reader. CLICK HERE for more information

Authentic Toots Shor 1941 Letter


Offering the authentic, original vintage letter from Toots Shor to Dick Hyman on restaurant stationery, signed by Toots, and framed for posterity. CLICK HERE for more information