Stork Club

"The Stork Club Cookbook"


Offering a hard-to-find copy of the long-forgotten Stork Club Cookbook, an historic artifact originally published privately in 1949 by Sherman Billingsley, commemorating the 20th anniversary of New York's legendary Stork Club. CLICK HERE for more information

Stork Club Champagne Coupe(Swanky Set of 2)


Offered are the genuine, original Champagne Coupes as popularized at New York’s legendary Stork Club. Each swellegant glass stands 4 ˝-inches tall and holds 5 ˝-ounces of bubbly, its bowl-shape allowing for a greater appreciation of the bouquet of the drink. CLICK HERE for more information

Stork Club Pocket Mirror (Original)


Owner of New York's Stork Club, Sherman Billingsley, was well-known for his extravagant gifts presented to his favorite patrons. They included a pocket mirror for the ladies, specially made for the Stork club, with the club's name and logo on it. CLICK HERE for more information