The Complete Office

"Paradox of Power" African Sculpture


An artisan work of art, true to the exquisite wooden sculpture, now kept in the President's private office. This symbolic figurine, crafted to the size of a life-size human hand, symbolizes the fragility of chiefly power. CLICK HERE for more information

Gunlocke Washington Presidents Chair

Now $4,499.00

For the man who thinks he has everything: the consummate executive chair, designed by Gunlocke for John F. Kennedy's Oval Office, crafted in Wayland, New York, for a lifetime of seating comfort and style. CLICK HERE for more information

H.M.S. Resolute Desk


The "H.M.S. Resolute" is an extraordinary desk, whose history is as fascinating as the Presidents it has served. Offered is a museum-quality replica, hand-crafted by credentialed artisans, carpenters and wood-carvers. CLICK HERE for more information

John F. Kennedy Desk Sign


President Kennedy treasured the message of the Breton Fisherman's Prayer and kept it on his desk in the Oval Office. The original plaque is on display in the Museum at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston. CLICK HERE for more information

United States Great Seal Rug

Now $595.00

Emblazoned with the original Great Seal of the United States of America, the historic rug represents free people with high aspirations and grand hopes for the future. Crafted in exquisitely hand-tufted wool. CLICK HERE for more information