Toots Shor

"From Gags to Riches" (Foreword by Toots Shor)


Toots Shor himself provides a Foreword to this 1946 edition which has been called "the wittiest, raciest, chuckle-provoking collection of impudent tales, drawings, and art ever put together in one volume." CLICK HERE for more information

"The Wonderful World of Toots Shor"


Palship, as John Bainbridge observes in the nearly-forgotten 1950 profile of Toots, was what the legendary saloon was all about. This remarkable book celebrates New York's "temple of palship" like no other. CLICK HERE for more information

"Toots Shor" by Alan Dunn


Toots in pen and ink, drawn for John Bainbridge's book by American cartoonist Alan Dunn, depicts the famous bear hug by legendary saloonkeeper Toots Shor. Offered is an 8" x 10" desktop artifact. CLICK HERE for more information

"Toots Shor" Shot Glasses (Gift Box Set of 4)


Cherished mementoes of his legendary saloon, offered is a Gift Box Set of 4 vintage Shot Glasses with the Toots Shor logo, just like the originals from the famed New York City watering hole, its thick glass at the base meant to absorb the shock of being slammed on a table or bar CLICK HERE for more information

"Toots" by Bob Considine


Toots Shor emerges, intact and unique, in this authentic portrait by Bob Considine, a fellow bum of long stanging. Rich in names, humor and good stories, Toots provides a feast for any reader. CLICK HERE for more information

Authentic Toots Shor 1941 Letter


Offering the authentic, original vintage letter from Toots Shor to Dick Hyman on restaurant stationery, signed by Toots, and framed for posterity. CLICK HERE for more information

Genuine Toots Shor Ashtray


From New York's legendary saloon, the Toots Shor ashtray is a genuine relic that someone swiped from the venerable men's club. Handle with care, and pass down to the next generation. CLICK HERE for more information