Cocktail Coupe Glass | Coupe Glass Set | NEW YORK FIRST
Cocktail Coupe Glass | Coupe Glass Set | NEW YORK FIRST

The 1930 Literary Round Table Cocktail Coupe Glass 2-Piece Set (Gift Box Collection)

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  • Premium Gift Box Set of 2 iconic, classically-designed Coupe Cocktail Glasses, inspired by the group of New York 1930s-era writers, critics, actors, and wits who gathered and gossiped at the Algonquin Round Table
  • Arguably a barware essential, this Gift Box of stemmed coupe cocktail glasses includes the recipe for the 1937 Algonquin Cocktail plus one dozen signature beverage coasters; the sentimental value of these glasses makes for a great conversation starter
  • Extremely versatile and multipurpose, each voluptuous, perfectly-proportioned bowl is designed to enhance aromas and taste, to hold a drink without sloshing or spilling; use for bubbly or any cocktail shaken and served up
  • Excellent Cocktail Gift Set for every celebratory occasion, each glass a stylish way to experience craft cocktails, perfect as a set for formal entertaining; easily-cleaned, dishwasher-safe and made to last; durable enough for everyday use
  • On the larger side of the coupe glass spectrum, each glass feels good in the hand; and each glass is on the thicker side, as is the stem, so there’s no worry about breaking in the wash
  • Dimensions for superior functionality: 6-inches (Height); 3 3/4-inches (top diameter), 2 3/4-inches (base diameter); 8 1/2 ounces (Volume Capacity), plenty of room for a cocktail and a full pillow of foam
  • Balanced when sipping, robust and flexible; the flat foot and soaring pulled stem seamlessly transitions to the coupe bowl with a reinforced rim
  • The bowl curves in slightly, directing the aromas of the drink towards the nose and palate, similar to the effects of a wine glass
  • Form, function, and fashion all intersect with this product

The Best Cocktail Coupe for Serving and Entertaining. Timeless Testament to Good Taste.

The 6-inch-tall stature and sleek design of the literary-inspired Cocktail Glass offers a stunning visual presentation for the home dinner or cocktail party. Enjoy favorite cocktails while imagining the days of Dorothy Parker and the Algonquin Round Table, a notoriously witty group met for lunch daily at New York's legendary hotel, engaging in wisecracks, witty banter, and wordplay, much of which received international attention.

What made this particular literary coterie so likeable was their lack of pomposity combined with a love and lust for life. Ultimately, the cocktail is a sociable drink, and to be enjoyed in pleasant circumstances and in the finest company. Serve your guests cocktails in generous 8.5-ounce (251 ml), versatile 1930s-era Cocktail Glasses for an occasion to be savored and remembered.

Each Gift Box includes 2 glasses and "The Round Table" souvenir with recipe for the historic Algonquin Cocktail.