Cocktail Glasses Set | Classic Cocktail Coupe | NEW YORK FIRST
Cocktail Glasses Set | Classic Cocktail Coupe | NEW YORK FIRST

"Party of the Century" Classic Cocktail Coupe (Gift Box Set of 2)

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  • Gift Box Set of 2 stylish Coupe glasses, remembering Truman Capote's "Black and White Ball"
  • Timeless design features an exquisite diamond-faceted pattern on the textured surface
  • Adds air of sophistication and well-bred elegance to sipping cocktails or Champagne
  • Toughened to withstand the rigors of the professional bar; dishwasher safe
  • Specifications: Height: 6 1/4"; Top: 4 1/4"; Bottom: 3 1/4"; Capacity: 9 ounces/266 ml

A Gift Box Set of Cocktail Coupes for the Person Who Knows How to Throw a Party.

One magical night in 1966 all of the world’s eyes were drawn to New York's Plaza Hotel ballroom. Truman Capote hosted the Black and White Ball for 540 of his friends, a “tour de force of social engineering” that has been called the “Party of the Century.”

Imagine the elegant ballroom decorated like My Fair Lady’s ascot scene, the most famous and powerful people of that time in masks, drinking Champagne and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. The men donned black ties and black masks, the women in white dresses and white masks. Everyone was in constant motion, walking around to the strains of Peter Duchin's intoxicating music. Mr. Capote, surveying the scene, referred to the assembled as “the swans.”

A ballet of waiters and sommeliers served drinks in fanciful coupes selected by Mr. Capote for the event. Re-issued on the 50th Anniversary of the Black and White Ball, these timeless glasses herald back to an era of luxury and pure style.

Offering a "Cocktail Party in Box" Set of 2 Classic Cocktail Coupes, for keeping or giving.