Jilly's Ashtray
Jilly's Ashtray

Jilly's Ashtray (from Frank Sinatra's Favorite Joint)

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  • Vintage ashtray from Jilly's, headquarters of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack
  • Endangered object from the golden age of smoking and drinking
  • Cast in bakelite synthetic plastic; Branded in large white letters
  • Measures 4-inches in diameter
Relic of Jilly's, Celebrity Hangout in the 1960s.

Owned by Jilly Rizzo, Sinatra’s closest friend, the original Jilly’s was on West 48th Street.  In the 1960s, it moved to 256 W. 52nd St., and that’s where Sinatra drank at least three or four nights a week when he was in town. Sinatra frequented Jilly's whenever he was in New York, and a dinner table anchored with a "Reserved for Sinatra" sign defined the rear room.  Jilly’s specialized in Cantonese food. Regulars thought Howie, the chef, made the best barbecued pork in the city. Howie worked in the basement. He communicated to the main room through a speaking tube. When Sinatra would arrive, he’d grab the tube and shout: “Fuck you, Howie!” Howie would return the greeting: “Fuck you, Frank!”

Offering a vintage Jilly's ashtray from a bygone era when the “Rat Pack” ruled into the wee small hours, when “cool” still meant dressing well, holding the door for a lady, and, as Jilly would tell you, music that was “the swinging-est!”