Gentleman's Bespoke Attire by a Master Tailor

Gentleman's Bespoke Attire by a Master Tailor


Men who walk confidently through the world have discovered the secret of a custom-tailored suit. To wear a custom suit is to indulge oneself in the knowledge that the cloth draping over your body was cut for your individual shape. Your suit will only fit one man in the world perfectly. And that man is you.

Offered is a custom fashion experience with the master tailors at Saint Laurie, New York's oldest maker of men's clothing still producing in New York City. Every step along the way, a gentleman will learn how to make intelligent choices regarding fit, fabric, design, quality and color. When he comes to Saint Laurie's workrooms, he will be asked to fill out a customer profile sheet that helps identify his current fashion point of view (or lack thereof!). He will be given a tour of the facility in which he can see cutting, sewing and pressing by hand much as it was done 100 years ago. Next he will learn about fabrics for suits, sport coats, tuxedos, slacks or overcoats. He will learn the difference between tropicals and twills, mill finished cloths and tweeds as well as the comparative benefits of all the natural fibres-wool, linen, silk and cotton. He will learn about what the terms "Super 100s," "fusing," "surgeon's cuffs," and "full break" mean. Then he will be measured, and he will learn about his body's idiosyncracies and how the tailors will compensate for them. He will also learn the differences in cuts between American, English and Italian styles.

Next it's on to shirts and he can indulge in the pleasure of choosing from thousands of luxurious cloths. Experts will explain the differences between "broadcloths," "end-on-ends," "batistes," "voiles," and "royal oxfords," then recommend a collar style based on the shape of his face and length of neck. They will even check out the size of tie knot he makes to allow for proper spacing between the collars. And, of course, the shirts will be made to his unique body measurements. Lastly, the experts will review sport coats, slacks and the challenge of coordinating neckwear and shirts with patterned clothing.

The gentleman is entitled to a custom-tailored suit or 7 custom-fitted shirts or a sport coat and slack (certain limitations apply). Two appointments at Saint Laurie are arranged for him. The first appointment is for measurements design and fabric selection. The second appointment is for a basted “try-on” for your clothing. For the custom shirts, a mock “sample” shirt will be made first for him to try before the real order is produced.

About Andrew Kozinn
The third generation of a business that was founded by his grandfather in 1913, Andrew graduated with a BS in Journalism from Northwestern Unviersity and a JD from Brooklyn Law School Andrew is an expert on fabric design, dyeing, weaving and finishing and is intimately familiar with mills from England, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, and Ireland. He is the company's head fitter as well as CEO and personally supervises all film, televsion and movie projects. His client list includes Bono, Liam Neeson, William Hurt, Michael Caine, Denzel Washington, Ben Affleck, Steve Buscemi, John Goodman, Chazz Palmentiri, Paul Sorvino, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ryan Gosling, and Chris Noth. Theatrical and film projects include the Sopranos, Kinsey, and Jersey Boys.

How It Works
Your recipient will receive an attractive "Experience Gift" Pack via FedEx 2nd Day Air, including a full description of the experience and a Gift Card with simple instructions for booking the experience. (Personalize your gift at the check out page). Our service and support is dedicated to helping you give the perfect gift. Please call 1-800-581-7599 for special requests or to place your order by phone.

Gentleman's Bespoke Attire by a Master Tailor
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