The Ritz Paris Cocktail Coupe (Gift Box Set of 2)


Inspired by the legendary Bar Hemingway, the 6-inch-tall stature and sleek design of the Ritz Paris Cocktail Coupe offers a stunning visual presentation for the home dinner or cocktail party. CLICK HERE for more information

The Savoy "American Bar" Essential Whiskey Glass, Circa 1930 (Gift Box Set of 4)


Harry Craddock's Essential Whiskey Glass captures the spirit of the 1930s with faceted lines to show off the color of the whiskeys, neat or on-the-rocks. A gentleman's reward, for keeping or giving. CLICK HERE for more information

Quo Vadis Ashtray (1946)


In 1946, Bruno Caravaggi and his partner opened Quo Vadis, one of New York's most fashionable Continental restaurants. Although Quo Vadis went dark forever in 1984, you can own this original ashtray, a rare souvenir. CLICK HERE for more information

House Call by New York's Cat Therapist


Put your cat "on the couch." You'll learn to understand your cat's emotions and appreciate his or her particular feline grace. You will learn how your cat uses tail, ears, eyes, and body language to communicate with you. CLICK HERE for more information

Test Your Chess Skills with a Grand Master


For the beginner or seasoned player, offered is the rare opportunity to play and learn strategy with Grand Master Lev Alburt, one of the world's best chess players and a very good teacher who is willing to share his wisdom. CLICK HERE for more information

New York's Most Exquisite Cocktail Glass (Set of 4)

Now $36.00

Offered are "the most exquisite" cocktail glasses, exclusively crafted for the lounge at the New York Palace, providing a stunning visual presentation for the most extravagant drinks in the city. CLICK HERE for more information

Gentleman's Bespoke Attire by a Master Tailor


Men who walk confidently through the world have discovered the secret of a custom-tailored suit. Master tailors at New York's Saint Laurie will handcraft a suit made to the gentleman's specific requirements. CLICK HERE for more information

Train for the Title at Gleason's Gym


Lace up a pair of Everlast gloves. In an intensive one-hour workout, one of Gleason's great group of trainers will coach you on developing quickness, timing and strength, stamina and coordination. CLICK HERE for more information

Get Into the Tank with a Pool Shark


Professional pool player Tony Robles provides a private lesson for the beginner or advanced player. Instruction includes the overall fundamentals of American-style eight-ball. CLICK HERE for more information

Longchamps "Art Deco" Ashtray


A number of design elements for Longchamps were drawn up by architect Ely Jacques Kahn, including an Art Deco-inspired "Bakelite" ashtray, now out of use along with cigarettes, but desirable for its connection to the culture of New York City in the twentieth century. CLICK HERE for more information

The Peninsula Hotel Ashtray


Overshadowed by more luxurious hotels like the Plaza Hotel just a few blocks north and the St. Regis just across the street, the Gotham Hotel changed its name to the Peninsula. Offering an original Peninsula Hotel ashtray, desirable for its connection to New York City culture. CLICK HERE for more information

Perform Stand-Up Comedy on Broadway


Comedian Aaron Haber coaches you through a full-day workshop that culminates in an on-stage appearance at the Broadway Comedy Club, where you will showcase your comedy talent in a 5-minute performance. CLICK HERE for more information

Uncover the Secrets of a Professional Magician


Master magician Mark Setteducati offers instruction on both sleight-of-hand as well as original self-working magic, according to your individual interest. You will be able to master tricks that will amaze your friends. CLICK HERE for more information

Learn to Cross-Dress with Success


Under the direction of Miss Vera's Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls, the neophyte crossdresser will explore the arts of dressing up, making up, going out, and focusing on his femme-self. CLICK HERE for more information

"The Stork Club Cookbook"


Offering a hard-to-find copy of the long-forgotten Stork Club Cookbook, an historic artifact originally published privately in 1949 by Sherman Billingsley, commemorating the 20th anniversary of New York's legendary Stork Club. CLICK HERE for more information

"Peacock Alley" (Signed by Oscar of the Waldorf)


Offering a 1931 First edition copy (black gilt cloth hardcover) of "Peacock Alley," personally signed by the esteemed Oscar of the Waldorf himself. CLICK HERE for more information

Stage Delicatessen Ashtray


We are pleased to offer the original Cipriani Bellini Mix from the cocktail's place of origin, including original recipes from Harry's Bar. And since there is only one proper way to serve the Bellini, we offer fashionable, 7-ounce Cipriani Bellini Glasses, allowing guests to savor the lush flavor of the celebratory drink. Each "Part Set" includes 2 cans of Bellini Mix and 2 Bellini Glasses. CLICK HERE for more information

Hotel Taft Ashtray


The Taft was once the third-largest hotel in Manhattan, with 20 stories, 1750 rooms, where Vincent Lopez led his famous big band in the hotel's Grill Room, beginning in the 1940s. CLICK HERE for more information

Hotel Manhattan Ashtray (Birthplace of Manhattan Cocktail)


The Hotel Manhattan was one of the great American skyscraper hotels of the nineteenth century, inspiration for the Manhattan cocktail. Offered is a handsome ashtray rescued from the legendary hotel. CLICK HERE for more information

Hotel Edison Ashtray


One of the oldest hotels in Times Square, the Edison was built in 1931 in the same Art Deco style as the Radio City Music Hall. The loan-shark murder scene in The Godfather was shot in the hotel's restaurant. CLICK HERE for more information

Sardi's Ashtray


The "Toast of Broadway" for 75 years, Sardi's has been known as a pre- and post-theater hang-out, as well as a location for Opening Night parties. CLICK HERE for more information

Plaza Hotel Ashtray


The Plaza Hotel is one of the Crown Jewels of New York City, a glorious symbol of the Jazz Age. Presidents and writers, touring statesmen and artists have always seen the Plaza as their natural home. CLICK HERE for more information

Cheetah Ashtray


The Cheetah opened in April 1966 as a sophisticated nightspot with spotted fur wallpaper, inspired by the era's French discotheques. Offering an ashtray from the golden age of glamorous smoking. CLICK HERE for more information

Lou G. Siegel Ashtray


A fabled Old-World-style kosher restaurant, Lou G. Siegel's served its garment district customers bowls of schmaltz (chicken fat) on the table, which everybody smeared on onion rolls. CLICK HERE for more information

Reuben's Ashtray


From its opening in 1935, an event attended by Mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia, until its closing in 1966, Reuben's was at 6 East 58th Street, off Fifth Avenue. Offering an ashtray from the birthplace of the Reuben Sandwich. CLICK HERE for more information

Junior's of Brooklyn Ashtray


Founded by Harry Rosen in 1950 and named after his two sons, Walter and Marvin, Junior's is known as the home of New York's best cheesecake. Offering a souvenir from "Cheesecake Heaven." CLICK HERE for more information