Hotel St. Moritz Ashtray


Gone is the grand dowager of Central Park, Hotel St. Moritz, designed by Emery Roth in 1929. At the corner of Central Park South and Avenue of the Americas now stands the Ritz-Carlton. CLICK HERE for more information

Smith & Wollensky Ashtray


At the site of the old Manny Wolf's in midtown Manhattan, the original Smith & Wollensky steakhouse occupies a stand-alone building where urban cowboys herd together over big steaks with knives to match. CLICK HERE for more information

Rosoff's Ashtray


Max Rosoff was a famous New York City restaurateur who founded Rosoff's Restaurant in Times Square. For 63 years, his eponymous three-story restaurant was frequented by theatergoers. CLICK HERE for more information

Joe's Pier 52 Ashtray


Joe Kipness, a Damon Runyon kind of guy, immigrated from Russia, began his career on Coney Island as a barker and hot dog vendor, became involved in producing Broadway musicals and ran a popular seafood restaurant called Joe's Pier 52. Offered is a souvenir from the real Broadway Joe. CLICK HERE for more information

Ritz-Carlton Ashtray


The name Ritz-Carlton dates back to the Hôtel Ritz Paris and the Ritz Hotel in London. The New York Ritz-Carlton at the corner of Central Park South and Avenue of the Americas has a sweeping view of Central Park. CLICK HERE for more information

Peter Luger Ashtray


A venerated Brooklyn institution, Peter Luger opened in 1887 and has long been considered the best steakhouse in the city. The charred, sizzling, butter-doused porterhouse is more breathtaking than any in all of New York. CLICK HERE for more information

Palm Restaurant Ashtray


Offering a souvenir from the original Palm, opened in 1926 by Pio Bozzi and John Ganzi on Second Avenue, a venerable eatery that has grown into an empire of over 25 restaurants across the country. CLICK HERE for more information

Hotel Astor Ashtray


With the opening of the Hotel Astor, William Waldorf Astor helped to transform the very idea of the hotel into an ostentatious showcase for the lifestyles of the extremely wealthy. CLICK HERE for more information

The Grand Central Oyster Bar Seafood Cookbook


Legendary New York City entrepreneur Jerome Brody transformed the restaurant culture of New York as operator of a series of glittering restaurants, including the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Terminal. Brody reveals the secrets of the seafood eatery in this classic seafood cookbook. CLICK HERE for more information

Mamma Leone's Ashtray


Best known of the early Italian enterprises in New York, Mamma Leone's was founded by Luisa Leone on West 34th Street in 1906. Her recipe for success was "Give them good food and plenty of it. They'll come back." CLICK HERE for more information

Dangerfield's Comedy Club Ashtray


In 1969, comedian/actor Rodney Dangerfield co-founded this comedy venue, now the oldest in the country. It was a venue in which Rodney could perform on a regular basis, without having to constantly travel. Offering a "respectable" ashtray from the club's early days. CLICK HERE for more information

Hotel Dixie Ashtray


The Hotel Dixie opened in 1930, the same year as the Chrysler Building. It had entrances on 42nd Street and 43rd Street, and the Central Union Bus Terminal occupied the basement. CLICK HERE for more information

Commodore Hotel Ashtray


42nd Street's Grand Hyatt Hotel was originally the Commodore Hotel, built in 1920 and named after Commodore Vanderbilt, the railroad tycoon who built Grand Central Station. CLICK HERE for more information

Carlyle Hotel Ashtray


Opened in 1931 and named after Scottish essayist Thomas Carlyle, the Carlyle Hotel has featured a number of well-known jazz performers including Bobby Short and Woody Allen. CLICK HERE for more information

Angelo's of Mulberry Ashtray


Established in 1902, Angelo's is Little Italy's oldest existing restaurant, renown for traditional Neopolitan cuisine, with a clinetele that once included Ronald Reagan. CLICK HERE for more information

Kutsher's Ashtray


A souvenir of the ancient Kutscher's Hotel and Resort, one of the last big Borscht Belt resorts in New York's Catskill Mountains. Home of the fabled Starlight Room where Dirty Dancing was inspired and filmed. CLICK HERE for more information

Hotel Gramercy Park Ashtray


One of New York’s truly legendary hotels, the Gramercy Park Hotel was built on the site of flamboyant architect Stanford White’s home, where artists, adventurers and bon vivants rubbed elbows. CLICK HERE for more information

Village Barn Ashtray


"Village Barn" was the first country music program on American network television. Broadcast from 1948 to 1950, the weekly variety series originated from The Village Barn in New York City's Greenwich Village. CLICK HERE for more information

Hotel New Yorker Ashtray


Built in 1929, the New Yorker Hotel largely resembles that of the Empire State Building, which lies just a couple blocks due east on 34th Street. Offering a vintage guestroom ashtray. CLICK HERE for more information

Asti Ashtray


Asti restaurant, opened in 1925, was perhaps the longest-running musical revue in New York. Everybody sang: the waiters, the bartenders, even the owner, Augusto Mariani, friend of the great Caruso. CLICK HERE for more information

Jilly's Ashtray


Frank Sinatra frequented Jilly's whenever he was in New York, and a dinner table anchored with a "Reserved for Sinatra" sign defined the rear room. Offering an ashtray desirable for its connection to "The Chairman of the Board." CLICK HERE for more information

Gallagher's Steak House Ashtray


Gallagher's, founded in 1927 by Helen Gallagher, a former Ziegfeld girl, evolved into Broadway's first steakhouse, with wood-paneled walls filled with photos of racehorses. Offered is a rare, 1940s-era ashtray from the legendary steakhouse. CLICK HERE for more information

Manny Wolf's Ashtray


The corner of Third Avenue and 49th Street in Manhattan is the site of the flagship Smith & Wollensky. But the space once belonged to Manny Wolf's Chop House, one of the first great New York steak joints. Own an artifact of red meat culture. CLICK HERE for more information

Cavanagh's Ashtray


John J. Cavanagh's original 23rd Street restaurant consisted of only an oyster bar with 12 tables. Tammany Hall politicians and prize-ring figures flocked to the place, quickly built it into a flourishing business. CLICK HERE for more information

Warwick Hotel Ashtray


The Warwick Hotel was commissioned by William Randolph Hearst as a guesthouse for his Hollywood and theatrical friends, with a penthouse for his mistress, Marion Davies, across the street from the Ziegfeld Theater. CLICK HERE for more information

Hotel Times Square Ashtray


At the "Crossroads of the World," the 15-story, 1,000-room Hotel Times Square was completed in 1924 at the northeast corner of Eighth Avenue and 43rd Street. Offering an ashtray from the golden age of glamorous smoking. CLICK HERE for more information