"21" Life and Times of New York's Favorite Club
"21" Life and Times of New York's Favorite Club

"21" Life and Times of New York's Favorite Club

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  • Authentic portrait of one of the world's most dynamic eateries
  • Called "a delightful cocktail of anecdote, history and legend"
  • Written by Marilyn Kaytor. Published by Viking Press in 1975
  • Hardcover with pictorial dust jacket; First Edition. 175 pages
  • Previously-owned; Measures 10" by 8.1" by 1"

The Definitive Book About the 21 Club.

Regulars call it "the numbers," and it's the oldest restaurant in New York City named for its address.

Renowned as one of the world's most dynamic eateries, the '21' Club is truly an American legend. Dating back to 1929, this four-story brownstone, former swank speakeasy has served as a rite of passage for every president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Founded by two collegian cousins from the West Side, Jack Kriendler and Charlie Berns, the '21' Club quickly became the most exclusive establishment in town - a place where the young, rich socialites of the Roaring Twenties spent wild nights dodging the raids of Federal Agents. The famous two-ton brick wall, secret "door" still serves as the entrance to the private dining Wine Cellar and remains a constant reminder of those infamous days.

Eclectic symbols of the people, companies and interests of the many powerful patrons abound both inside and out. Beginning in the early 30's, the first "toy" donned the ceiling of '21's famed Bar Room - a model of British Airways "Flying Boat." Not to be outdone, Howard Hughes promptly appeared with one of his new TWA planes. Soon the ceiling was awash with model planes, trucks, cars, buses, footballs, baseballs, bats, tennis rackets, oil derricks, tankards, telephones, ice skates, ballet slippers - all with a story about an industry mogul, world leader, celebrity or other well-known personality attached to it.

In 1975 Marilyn Kaytor, food editor of Look Magazine wrote "21" The Life and Times of New York's Favorite Club. The 175-page illustrated book was published by the Viking Press to wide acclaim; it remains the definitive book about the 21 Club. A "delightful cocktail of anecdote, history and legend" that covers the history of New York's most signature nightclub."  Offering a rare, previously-owned First Edition.