Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building "Art Deco" Scaled Replica

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  • 19-inch scaled replica of the Chrysler Building, NYC's Art Deco skyscraper
  • Cast in bonded marble; accurate to the last, painstaking detail
  • Coated with a hand-painted patina to faithfully depict the dark gray brickwork
  • Ranked number one on the List of America's Favorite Architecture
  • The extraordinary replica is handcrafted in New York City

New York's Art Deco Skyscraper.

The Chrysler Building is the single most important emblem of architectural imagery on the New York City skyline, a cocktail shaker of 1920s style. Its crown is composed of seven radiating arches outlined with zigzag patterns, which create an effect like a cascade of fireworks, mounting upward in quick succession. With its Art Deco curves and angles, African marble lobby (once a Chrysler car showroom), spectacular bronze elevator doors, and hood ornament decorations, it bubbles and fizzes like a glistening flute of Champagne.  Located on 42nd Street at Lexington Avenue, the building was hatched by William H. Reynolds, the financier of Dreamland at Coney Island, before being taken over by Walter P. Chrysler of Chrysler Motors.  The 19-inch scaled replica of the Chrysler Building is cast in New York City of bonded marble, and coated with a hand-painted patina.