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Old Knickerbocker Bar"Top Hat" Cocktail Glass (Gift Box of 2)

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  • Gift Box Set of 2 Vintage-Style Cocktail Glasses from the Old Knickerbocker Bar
  • Stems in the shape of a gentleman in a top hat, an homage to John Jacob Astor IV
  • Authentically reproduced from the original Morgantown Glassworks pattern
  • Lower center of gravity and flat-bottomed bowl provides better balance
  • Specifications: Height: 5 1/2"; Rim Diameter: 3 1/4”; Capacity: 4 1/4 ounces

Historically-Inspired Cocktail Glass Makes Each Drink a Conversation Piece.

The Old Knickerbocker Bar Cocktail Glass has been faithfully reproduced from the original Morgantown Glassworks pattern. Each glass is crafted with an iconic stem in the shape of a dapper gentleman with a top hat, an homage to John Jacob Astor’s New York and a symbol of American capitalism.

The Edwardian headwear, de rigueur for patrons of "The Forty-Second Street Country Club," provided inspiration for a cocktail glass with an exceedingly aristocratic air. Each glass has a lower center of gravity and its sides are less shallow than a modern glass. Its flat-bottomed bowl gives it a better balance, making a drink harder to spill. Its solid, figurative stem keeps your warm hand away from the drink and makes it more comfortable to hold.

This Gift Box Set of 2 "Top Hat" Cocktail Glasses (including a history of the era) has a certain sensibility about it, calling to mind the sophistication of the Old Knickerbocker Bar. A gentleman’s reward, for keeping or giving.