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Stork Club Champagne Coupe

Stork Club Champagne Coupe (Swanky Set of 2)

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  • 5.5-ounce (163 ml) vintage-style Champagne Coupe, Gift Box Set of 2
  • Each measures 4 1/2-inches tall with rim diameter of 3 1/4-inches and 2 3/4-inch base
  • Original 1940s-era glass used at New York’s legendary Stork Club
  • Designed to cocktail-bar standards; doubles as a retro cocktail glass or martini glass
  • Handsome Gift Box includes 2 glasses, postcard, and Stork Club beverage coasters
Swanky Champagne Coupes from America's Most Famous Nightspot, Circa 1942.

With the repeal of Prohibition, the air was filled with the sound of clinking glasses, not in tall flutes, but in swellegant, bowl-shaped coupes. Champagne, after all, deserves a full, real wine glass with both shape and dimension. (When you hold them you feel fabulous).

Many classic short cocktails are now served in a coupe rather than a Martini (or cocktail) glass, so these versatile glasses serve double duty. Offered in a Gift Box Set of 2, the original Champagne Coupe as popularized at New York’s Stork Club.  Includes authentic Stork Club Champagne Cocktail recipe plus beverage coasters from the legendary night club.